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question 30mg roxy
You're very welcome. I'd love to read that article - it makes total sense, and something I had never thought of!

And in my experience you are 100% correct on what you have read. At one point I was taking 16mg a day, was able to drop right on down to 8mg a day, an eventually I have weened myself down to 2mg daily with little WD. I am now comfy at the 2mg dose, but when I try to get down to 1mg, it's almost impossible, and it's very hard to describe it. Many people think it's all mental, but I know my body, and pain is pain. :-(

So terrible.
Well in my personal opinion from experience the WD from subs wasn't so bad. Now the WD from methadone is like being in hell on earth. And from what I understand the 2 meds have the same active ingredient, there's just something extra in the methadone that makes u sick to where it's unbearable, I even know of some people who have committed suicide while going through methadone WD.
But "andybones" if I were u I would NOT say that I was buying anything off the streets. If he asks what have u been doing for medication for the past however long, I would just say "I don't have insurance and couldn't really afford to pay for a doctor. And as far as the benzos mixed with the subs, I don't know how it's done where you're from, but I'm from NOLA, and down here all of the sub doctors give u subs and klonopin. I know they say it can be a deadly dose, but they give u the benzos bc the amount of subs they try and put u on is known to give people anxiety, so I think you'll be just fune.
PLEASE remember to post back to the forum and keep everyone updated and informed on what happens when u go.
I respect your opinion but I find the truth is always a good route. I will certainly keep updated, I am quite anxious about this. I appreciate your post about the benzo and subs. As I've read it can be deadly, but it's something my PDoc knows I do and she is fine with it and is the one whom suggested I find a Dr. to get the script while continuing to write my current benzo script.
Fingers crossed, it's not til the 20th but I'll update in here my results.
Well guys, saw the Suboxone Dr today.
It couldn't have gone any better.
Was 100% truthful with the Dr. about my past use, and the Suboxone use I am currently doing from buying on the street.
He appreciated me being honest, and it worked out very well for me.

I am now legal to take this medication!
To the original poster roxy's are made in many different gennerics, from blue to whit to green to hard to crushable, so act different on different people, this is due to the binders/fillers they use(Potato Starch) , and well everyone has their preferences on which is the the best, but if you are unclear on what you were given come and ask, if not google.
It doesn't sound like what you had was a roxi 30 but could have been a 15. Many different imprints on the generics.

I personally do not need nor like opiates. But from chemistry I know that k tamine is a good mu opiod receptor agonist and can be very beneficial to help get off of pks. Just as an alternative to suboxone
I wanted to get off the methadone program, and my doc said "come over here, if you're willing to go down to 40mg you can see me monthly instead of the clinic every day". I assumed he meant forever and always. But the very next month hes talking taper. I had come off methadone before, 6 week w/d period. So i let him bring me down to 30 and send me to a sub doc. I tell subby " i have been clean 8 years, just wanna get off meth. My plan is 2mg a day for 6 weeks".
Cuz i knew sub was worse to wd from.... So i thought low dose, 6 weeks is enough to get the methadone out , and not long enough for the sub to get its hooks in.
Doc says "we do 16mg a day for 6 months".
From the very first day! They're supposed to give u 2 or 4, see your reaction, then maybe go up to 8 on day 1.

So i went twice, got 28 8mg strips, and cut them into 2mg pieces 4 weeks and 1mg for 2 weeks. Felt great like 2 weeks, then was sick for a whole year. I gave up and went back to methadone. I don't plan to get off, i don't have a uear to lay around on the pity pot.

The suboxone place btw, treated me like a junkie off the street when i was a rule following methadone user ready to come off. I really didn't appreciate the doc asking what i want out of treatment, and ignoring me saying "we do this take it or leave it." I mean 16mg is for people who keep screwing up at 8mg. Truly from 30mg of methadone 1mg of sub was plenty to keep me ok.
You will make it boomer. I have faith in u.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Oh yeah I'm cool...its everyone else who has the problem. Jon got sick of the liquid handcuffs and look where he wound up. "The Program" has been around since the 60's so for certain people, it must be working. They say it eats your bones and makes your teeth fall out. I think that's more a reflection on that person's lifestyle than the med. My shrink (he knows im on methadone and klonopin) said that as long as i feel safe, then keep on keeping on

And when i say "everyone else has the problem" i mean family with no concept of the whole "i have a problem and this helps". My girlfriends family considers her to still be a junkie after 2 yrs clean on methadone. People say " they just take it because it (keeps them euphoric) when really after a week or 2 you never feel it again.
Coming off subs has been horrible,was on 4mg for about 7 years,was just using it to help with pain,counselors have nagged and nagged me to come off them cos i aint used street crap for 15 years,was basically pressured to come off subs.
What was the community drug team under the NHS is now out sourced to some private company called the Crime Reduction Initiative,i never committed crime when i was using,i was working most of the time,i know loads of users who are working,met teachers,lawyers,nurses and infamous music faces who were not criminals.
So now they have me on 0.2mg of subs,i stopped taking them when i got down to 0.4,felt like shit so thought whats the point.
Thing is,my doc confused me with talk of strength of patches she would give me for my pain,told me it would be about a quarter of the strength of the 4mg i was on,liar,its going to be around 0.1mg of bupe in a patch not 1mg,everyday is hard now,got a bad neck pain today,migraine looming again,getting sharp shocks of pain in lower back when i try get out of bed,finding it hard just getting through the day,eating,washing.
My doc thinks ibuprofen is the answer to everything,months supply of tramadol to last 3 months,useless gabbapentin for nerve damage in my neck,thats it,in the area where i live no doc will prescribe anything decent to help with daily pain,should have told the crime reduction imitative counselor i was using again and stayed on the 4mg of subs.
They don't give a shit about us probably cos i used street crap in the past,looks like i have to have that label all my life,fuck knows whats going to happen if i get something seriously bad pain wise,its bad enough now,good luck if your trying to stay clean on a sub or meth script,your gonna need it in the near future.

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