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question 30mg roxy
I havre a question that I hope someone could PLEASE help me answer?!?!?
I was just given 4 pills that he claimed was 30mg roxys. They were white, very small, NP imprinted on one side and 15 on the other side. They were very hard to crush also. We'll I Google searched the pill and what popped up was 30mg oxycodone. I've seen plenty different roxys but neve seen this particular one before. So, my question to yall is, have u ever seen these before. The Google search said 30mg of oxycodone but I wanted roxicodone. We'll anyways, I did them and they definitely got the job done, if u know what I'm saying.
Idk, I thought I've seen them all before, but I guess the saying is true "u learn something new everyday"

I appreciate any feedback anyone has to give.
Yea I'm pretty curious too to see what the experienced minds of the people here on the forum have to say. But like I said, they DEFINITELY got the jobbdone! They were actually a little more potent than the regular ones that I'm used to. Maybe it hit me so hard bc it was new to my system, but it didn't really do much fiancee much at all.
I'm on 2mg of suboxone and they still hit me hard like a mack :\
Agreed, I was under the impression that roxi and oxycodone were the same thing. Love learning new things!

I have never seen or heard of these before either.

TSM, I am also on 2mg suboxone, and 100% agree, still hit me hard. Although, they say to wait 72 hours after Suboxone dose, I can take opiates after just 8 hours, and still feel them, obviously need a bit more than usual, but still. I believe since we are both on such a small dose that this is why. Many of my friends that are also on Suboxone take upwards of 32mg a day! What a complete waste. As they say with Subs, "less is more".
Yea I definitely agree with the less is more statement. Although my main choice of medicine is subs, I still like to get loaded every now and then if u know what I'm saying. And even sometimes when I try to take more suboxone, I don't ever get anything more than what I get from my 1st initial small dose. In my opinion they want u to take upwards of 16, 2mg or more, that's not bc u actually need it, it's just bc they want to make sure if u do decide to try to do opiates that u won't feel them.
What I really wish is I could find an iop with some real subs. I did find Buprenorphin, but it was only 0.2mg. I want at least 2mg or more. If u know where to find that PLEASE let me know!
I certainly will! Bupe is very hard to find online, I've looked but not hard enough, but I think it's time to expand the search.
And I also agree with what you have to say about the amount the Dr.s give. Another reason I see is because in my area, I find the Dr.'s to be scummy (and this is a nice way to put it..) 1) they do not take insurance and charge upwards of $100-$160 PER visit (monthly, but at the start weekly) and THEN the amount for the medicine, so if you don't have insurance your in for a very large monthly pay day for the script (tbh you'd probably spend LESS being on opiates.. sadly). I have heard from friends that their Sub Dr. will say things like you can sell them in so and so town, and get more money for them (basically saying go ahead and sell them, I know it costs a lot to see me) 2) They have written the script for double the amount, and ask that they bring back some of the medicine to them... Very sketchy. What addict is going to say no to getting more??
Just about every person I know with a legitimate Suboxone script gets at LEAST 16mg a day or 60x 8mg strips, which sell for $10-$15 per strip ($900 per month if selling the entire script for the $15 which is very easy to do in my area) These Dr.s know they are addicts, and what is an addict going to do? Sell off half or more of their script, because honestly like you know who needs 16mg? Even the worst opiate addict will be fine with 8mg probably even less.
So they make around upwards of the $900 per month (depending how much they decide to sell, use opiates for 2 weeks, and then the week before they see the Sub Dr. take the Suboxone to 1) have it in their system for the drug test, and 2) have no opiates in their system (if they even get drug tested).

It's a very viscous cycle.

If I was to get a legitimate prescription, I also would be trying to get as much as possible (not to sell) but because of the cost to see the Dr. If I'm paying $100 per month to see this person, I am not going to get a small amount (I'm not one to be wasteful). It's always good to have yourself a rainy day stash. :-)
First, I am not judging, but am just curious. You'all can answer or not.

People are put on Suboxone for a reason, majority because of addiction and to get off of their DOC and the # of Dr's who are approved to script is regulated.

Why then are there so many people who first went this route to stop taking opiates still taking them on top of Sub's? Does this not defeat the purpose? It also seems that in many cases I have read of people trying to WD from Subs that it is worse than the original med WD they would have gone through.

As said, I am just curious and have always wanted to ask this question, but I don't want to offend anyone by doing so.

And yes, you are right that "Pill imprint N P 15 has been identified as Oxycodone hydrochloride 30 mg." I don't know who your source was, but there have been others sold this as Roxi.
Well where I'm from its pretty much the same exact way. The only difference is the Dr's visit cost anywhere from $200 and up, and I actually have heard of people being encouraged to sell their subs, but not to pay for the Dr., its to fill the script. For some reason they never give u any kind of generic, so to fill a script of 60 8mg strips costs around $400. They even have pharmacies that know we can't afford that, so they will let u come and get 1 out per day for around $10. It's pretty messed up.

And to answer your question "harley", you're right subs are to get ppl off of abusing their pain doctor or street drugs (opiates) and it does work very well if done correctly. But to be honest, ppl still do opiates bc most of us just have that addictive personality. It's sucks but it actually a disease. Would u disown own son/daughter for having cancer? NO...then whey would u disown them for having the disease of addiction?? It's a pretty bad scenario but it is what it is!
TheSpecialMan, thank you for answering.

Sadly, it sounds like the cost defeats the purpose for many.

You're right, addiction is hard on any family and from what I have witnessed it takes one helluva support system for an individual to overcome it. Tough love is one thing, but I don't believe it means "final ultimatums" as some family/friends tend to think is the right way to handle a person. That does not make for success. It is a disease and with any one needs support.
I wish I could go back in time and NEVER take Suboxone. Yes at first it certain has kept me from using, as it is a blocker, and sure you can use say 8 hours after, but to get the true effect you'd need to wait 72 hours after your Suboxone dose to really feel the opiate, and the addict in me isn't going to be waiting that long. And you are 100% correct, the WD from Suboxone is so much worse than if I was to have just fought off the opiate WD. I am going to try and get a prescription (on the 20th of this month) for the first time since my using of Suboxone for 6 years. I am very nervous of what the Dr. is going to say, 1) about me using Benzos and Opiates, and 2) my buying off the street for so long. Will he trust me enough to prescribe me? Will he think I am there to get and sell them? I am honestly just trying to ween on it without having to buy it off the street, I hope he can feel the truth I will be sharing.
I wish you luck andybones with your Dr's appt. I think in your case honesty would play in you favor, but then again it depends on the Dr. Only you will have the ability to try and read how to deal with him. Make sure you go in clear headed so your intuition helps guide you.

I have read through the WD's from Sub users that have posted their weaning off of experiences on other forums with many supporting their endeavors. It seems so crazy to me that (my perception of what I read) titrating down is not that difficult until one gets to a very low dose that the WD symptoms then hit heavily making it almost an impossible feat for many.

I am going to look for an old, been a couple of years ago NYT article that I read that stated Sub was never tested properly before general usage as the medical community never realized the extent of quitting.

Thank you both for sharing. I finally get it.

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