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I did not see a post on these guys so here it is... Great selection, competitive prices and fast shipping from a great location and very discreet packaging.  They have been around for a long time.  I also really like their service, they answer emails quickly and always came through for me.  They are worth a look in my opinion  Smile
Zyklon checked out the site. Not bad. Never heard of them myself. Anyone else familiar with them?

the name is familiar and i am not sure in what aspect that i do recall it: be it negative or positive.


it says to read all FAQs before u order. u will have to sign. now, all we need is current feedback.
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I checked their site out.
nice site....but pricey
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I've ordered successfully from them twice. My 3rd order has been pending for almost 6 weeks. I've emailed a few times without a response. No phone.
I haven't ordered from this specific site, but it's part of a network of websites that have similar designs and product selections. I've ordered from them a couple times and had no issues.
Order still pending since Sept but they've gone silent.

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