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Operational security
Perhaps this is addresses in the closed section of the forum, but I'm wondering by and large if people who use IOPs practice some level of operation security such as browsing using VPNs or TOR, private email, prepaid credit cards, different mailing addresses.  I do some of these things but think it could be better. I just want to avoid conflict i guess!
I agree low profile is best. I use a storefront mailbox. And I am looking into a VPN just for overall privacy.
A VPN is a great idea for overall privacy. They are very affordable too. Look for one that doesn't keep logs. I like NordVPN and PIA.
Websites like TorrentFreak review VPNs and also give info about whether they log usage or not. People bittorrenting movies  have loads of info about this kind of thing.
I have used various VPNs over the years. Quite a few say they don't log and they actually do. The TorrentFreak list is great. Especially since the responses by the VPNs indicate where the business is based and where the servers are based. Ones that are based in countries other than the United States are not required to be compliant with certain things that ones in the US are.
Firefox and the add in https everywhere...helps Its a good tool right now. Not perfect by any respect, but it can interface with tor, but its hard to configure for that

Theses days, if someone wants you they are going to get you. There is no real way to hide. There is huge money in teaching L e O and G u V how to sniff

I have seen som eone turn on a persons cellphone cam and mic remot ely and be able to watch and listen... without the phone even being on... yep google that one.. If you know how to access your isp 's router and bypass the firewall... you can turn on the cam... So never rely on your isp firewall. find a good software based firewall.. don't rely on msft

There is lots to read, recently went to a security networks presentation.. You would be amazed.

There is much to be said about volume
Most internet users are on insecure devices, little to no encryption, no vpns etc... the number reaches into the hundreds of millions to billion. Pretty easy to hide unless you type the wrong word... those stories are true about a word flags your breadcrumb trail

256 bit encryption is easy to br eak with todays tools. Its antique compared to what the gove rnm ents are using,

Most proxy servers keep records or can be sniffed easily. Some protect data, but there is always an Host file or the DNS Server

VPN's are good but they do have a start and end point. They are only as good as the user

Tor was great in its day and if only more would use the service it could be great again... Right now there are less than 2000 true tor servers, and the majority of users do not allow their computer to act as a relay, but you have to want to capture the data... its time consuming but as long as you have the header its easier...

Big bro is out there
It is good to use VPN and Tor . Prepaid cards also are less trackable. Having a PO box is better on some occasions. Anything you can do to keep private on the web works up to a point. I agree with whatapain . There are so many ways of bypassing firewall and all security programs and measures have weak points only to allow those who know to hack info. They can also make a car start and stop by gaining access to can bus operations. Imagine what they can do on cell phones or our PC.
I use Private Internet Access (VPN) and keep a low profile. But to be honest, for the 2 vendors I use I just treat it like I'm ordering books/computer stuff. Above board with out appearing to be hiding anything. I'm a little fish. I think if you get in their headlights there's not much you can do.

My personal feeling on a P.O. box is if you can't make it look like a legit owner it's worse than home delivery. Spending the time to make sure the P. O. box gets lot's of real mail so there's not just weird international packages coming in once in a while seems like a lot of work.

I do use a virtual computer so it can disappear pretty quickly. Not much foot print on my real workstation. I've considered using sort of a dead mans switch where there's a task that deletes the vhd file every morning if I don't stop it. But that might be going overboard. Anyway, I think little fish get LL's and I'm a little minnow.
Any chance I could get a few recommendations for VPNs from our family here???

Any suggestions would be great.

Peace All
"Another Day In This Carnival Of Souls"
main issue with vpn is finding right speed,the more users the less bandwidth on many free services,paid ones would be best bet but usually theres lot to choose from and some are really cheap.but in general one can have tor downloaded and just use for private browsing.

think my main security is keeping what i buy always small amounts,not to draw attention.since while tech is there to track anyone ,but i always said if it would come down to that it would be at very simple pickup or drop off point rather then trying to track between millions what one person is up to.

renting box is good option and did it in the past since was cheap ish solution,specially good to avoid if theres someone else opening mail,which is another hurdle if trying to keep to yourself.

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