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Thinking of checking it out but forgot how to smoke?!
This is what I know.

Indica = in da couch. Basically a body buzz that will make one sleepy.

Sativa is known as more of a mind buzz that may give one energy. Personally the med mj is so strong that most of it puts me to sleep after a bit.

CBD is the pain killing component of mj.
There has been growing research on the use of CBD for the treatment of seizures and epilepsy. Very promising. Once Big Ph@rma has the patents and are able to make obscene profits, the floodgates will open.
CBD is also good for depression, supposedly. I saw a doc in which parents gave it to their kids for a variety of life-threatening illnesses. Seemed to make the kids a little loopy, but it doesn't make you high like regular MMJ.
I would honestly recommend speaking with whichever dispensary you choose to go to. I also live in a state where it has become legal to all residents. The vendors know a lot about the product they have. My personal preference is edibles or prefilled vape pens. But I think you will have a lot of luck just speaking to the people who work at the dispensary.
Edibles and oils are the way to go in my opinion, especially if you'd prefer to not smoke it. I've even tried a couple different things like medicated cough syrup and coffee with great results.
Personally I don't mind the strain. Native strains here work fine. Oils do work well but they need careful titration. I suffer from MS and all kinds work well for me . Vaping is the best for me since I can control the effects better and works in a minute. It helps so much for my muscle stiffness and spasticity . It is the gift of nature and it is so bad the govenment and doctors also here are against it's use.
(08-04-2016, 01:41 AM)Harley Wrote: I couldn't try to smoke it if my life depended on it now.  Okay, I would if my life depended on it.

I would go with edibles or oils now if I was to start using MJ again.  

I hear good things about the oils.

I have always found smoking to be much more enjoyable than edibles. Edibles give me a prolonged mildly nauseaus/feverish feeling, but smoking is more cerebreal and doesnt make my body feel weird. I don't know how to describe the difference but it is definately there, and something to consider. Some people prefer edibles, YMMV. As for oils: the topical ones don't seem to do anything, and the smokable ones are way too strong for me. I still just prefer a couple puffs of grass, even with all the novel ROA's we have now.
it's like riding a bicycle. it'll come back to you as soon as you try!
to qualify my previous comment: I discussed this topic extensively with my physician, and have figured out the most effective treatment for my medical condition, in my state. My suggestions might not be the most effective for everyone, so I'd recommend talking it over with your Doc before deciding for yourself.
i believe anytime you burn cannabis with fire and inhale it you are inhaling toxins that can negate the medical benefits. Vaping seems healthier. There is still a lot of research being done on oral ingestion and absorption. But I know personally people who've overcome serious illness using high doses of Rick Simpson oil.

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