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Little known sleep aid
(10-15-2017, 11:10 PM)alsmom360 Wrote: .... and I do have horrible bedtime habits...
ie: I have TV on all night even tho it watches me alot LOL
I also have 3 dogs that have a internal clock and they wake up every day @500am wanting to go out and be fed

Hi alsmom360.
From one terrible sleeper to another.....

Do you have the volume on the TV muted?   Ads are designed to jolt you back to attention.
And there's a big fuss being made about blue light emitted by TVs and computer monitors these days. 
Apparently Blue light is stimulating as far as the brain is concerned - it's Daytime.
Sleep doctors are now even talking about throwing out alarm clocks with blue displays (in favor of dim red).

And, as one dog lover to another.... pooches aren't sleeping up on the bed with you now, are they.....?
We recently looked after a friend's dog - a bed sleeper - and it was perfectly fine for him but completely disastrous for us !
You might be keeping yourself out of deep sleep by constantly checking that your dogs are comfy Sleepy ,
or alternatively being constantly woken up by having to gently nudge them out of the way. Angel

I'm not sure that we'll ever be forgiven for letting the visitor up onto the bed while Madam had to stay down on the floor.
She still uses 'those eyes' on us, asking "Can I? Just this once, come on, pleeeeze?"
Luckily for us, her internal alarm is set at 8am - but we still wish she had a snooze button. Smile

Wishing you Good luck and Deep Sleep.
Hi Guys--There are also some really good sleep tips in the Insomnia thread in the General Discussion section

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