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Break the Rules, You will Lose Posts
Hoping u r feeling better eddie. Good to see u.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
The rules are very simple. On a forum ofnthis nature I never understood how the rules even need to be mentioned. Im amazed at the information some are willing to put out there for anybody to see. Also the first post introducing yourself is a no brainer. I always hate when you see someones first post soliciting something, but this happens all the time. Especially on the bodybuilding forum im a member of. Now that I found this forum I only have 2 forums I will frequent now.
ya it really does cheap ppl in check even though it is common sense some ppl just don't realize the severity of somethings
When they don't have the experience, the patience, the knowledge of products and consequences, newer people will post their name address and phone number if they think they can get a sample.

So we try to protect them from themselves BEFORE they become a target to anyone.

You would not believe the type of info even long time members give up when encouraged by newbies. Its like all rules go out the window cuz a newbie asked a question. So, older member gives up the keys to the kingdom to be nice.

Its not being nice to the rest of us. For those of us whom are seriously, chronically ill, chronically anxious, have PTSD and God only knows, we really do not appreciate that the minute some think we are offline, they put up full details. Or, do the zoom to fifty posts attempts.

We are all trying our best to protect our vendors, our members, our forum. All of us. And we change rules as life changes. We had none when we were private.

They all post elsewhere that i am such a bitch. That i want it my way. Well nothing in life goes my way. I believe a higher power has things go HIS way. But i am trying to protect us. And the dwindling vendors whom were used and abused by some.

These are very scary times. Caution is indicated at all times. If you would not tell your local police officer about a package or a vendor or a country of origin, then just don't do it in public here either.

Two good posts. Thank u.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

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