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Pinks Wagon SCAMMERS RUN!!!
Dont know how hes even still going, still treating folk bad, i would have thought all the bad stuff he is known to have pulled over the years would have put folk off using him, suppose there is always newbys and those really desperate who will go with him, if he ever gets in here by being the sneaky low life he is a rain will come down on his dodgy little scamming ways, isnt hard to make his email crash if enough bombard him with throwaway emails.
well, i would see new people post rave reviews on his thread. there were his shills or maybe the .001% of people that he actually delivered something to.

And, then other new people would say: wow. he is so fast to respond on forum, so nice, and look at all the good reviews.

Good gimmick he had going with ET. Hell, pink, vogue and ET were and still are just scum.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Those 3 will no doubt one day be stoking the furnaces down in hell, stuff they have done over the years gives them a reserved space down in the belly of the beast, very well deserved space it is as well.Bet they all wear burger king hats at home.
At the other place, the only way you could tell if a vendor was good was by their bad feedback.

Even the best will have complaints, delays and mixups.

Any thread claiming perfection in all aspects should be judged the same as a person espousing the same about themselves.

It's so refreshing to be here and witness all sorts of feedback, from the positive to the concerning, and the mundane in between.

It breaks my heart to think of how many people at their last resort lost out from the lies spread there.
~A man keeps his memories where his money once was~
He's still going because I believe he has enough regulars who he does actually send to and he's been working with them along time

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