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Pinks Wagon SCAMMERS RUN!!!
I wish we would vet these so called email vendors much better, these clowns have stolen a lot of some good peoples hard earned money. Pinks Meds Team WILL STEAL EVERYTHING EVERYTIME !!
Yes indeed... Pink cannot be trusted with the nichols on a dead man's eyes!

Say... Go on and make a welcome thread.... It's rule 1 ....

A true friend,
freely advises,
justly assists readily, 
adventures boldly, 
takes all patiently,
defends courageously
and continues a friend unchangeably.

William Penn

Veedandy, you aren't saying that Pink is a member here already are you? If that is the case make sure to let Charon and Ice know
Thanks! A. Hep
We don't want the likes of pink here,if he is hiding out here and anyone receives emails or pms offering stuff report to admin.
If you do get conned into buying from him then let everyone know what email is being used so others don't get scammed.
Used him once a long time ago,took 2 months to actually send anything,when i did receive the aups were very weak,a waste of a big chunk of cash,to me at least.
Be on your toes and keep your eyes open for any potential scammers.
If Pink got in here after i specifically told him NO on several occassions, please inform me. At once.

Pink is a criminal and a liar. He is not allowed on this forum. Nor will anyone be allowed whom helped harbor him here.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Pink wants for you to send big money and acts like someone else picked it up and then wants you to give him good feedback then he'll send but. Doesn't send anything he is a class a scammer
Yeah, I made the mistake of ordering from Pink a couple of years ago based on some good reviews. First shipment resulted in an LL. second one was bunk. He is not to be trusted
apparently PINK was right outta prison when he went to Evil tester's Geeze, I wonder what for.

Evil Tester claimed he wanted to keep dusko, but not pink cuz the two were always at war. ET had no problems banning lots of people. Not sure why he did not ban him.

But, good ole pink has a twisted brain that all administrators will aid him in his scamming, criminal ways. ah, no.

He tried to conduct a US to US transaction in my attorney email. He thought he would be protected. What an arse.

I saw him tell the poor kid whom ordered from him, and just wanted a new receiver as the old receiver was red flagged, that YOU ARE EVIL. YOU ARE PART OF THE ORGANIZATION. whatever the heck that was. And, poor kid and i had 8 differing types of writing appear in my email demanding that the kid post he received his meds. He did not even have a receiver yet.

It was Christmas. Second to last with Evil Testes. I was livid. I made a new rule that my email cannot be given out. If a vendor dares to try such a thing again, he will be out on his arse, and, if I were a snitchy type, he would be back in a cell with bubba.

Nasty little man. Most of the Pinkford posters had to post, with enthusiasm, that they received, and EXTRA, to boot, or their orders never went out.

I should have realized earlier that PINK owned ET. I was told my brain trauma was too severe and I was too stupid to moderate Pinks thread. Oh, my, I refused to remove legitimate complaints based on pink screaming: fake client. fake client.

I shall warn you all that I keep hearing that Pink has made it in here. But, that was from another Serb vendor. But, the gentleman whom just joined us when we began last year, and put up Pink as a suggested IOP, was banned on the spot.

It sounds harsh, but I felt it was a deliberate act, perpetrated by ET and his new Owner Vogue. They did not want the liability of Pink anymore. Vogue brought in more money I reckon to ET.

So, just trust me on this one. Pink is evil. A decrepit little man whom wreaks havocs and spreads lies wherever he goes.

If you put him up as a valid vendor, I am sorry but you also will be banned.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Pink got me for 890/90
wow. i am so sorry. Way too much info was kept hidden from me. Its a crying shame that the scoundrel is still allowed to walk around freely and I hear he is at another forum.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

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