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took the plunge! wish me luck!
I did take the insurance, which im glad I did now. If my mags do get interdicted, then I am guaranteed a reship. I just remembered that. That puts me at ease.

Oh goodness, I made it to 50. Well I will be dang. Didn't think I would ever make it. Oh well, im happy I found this family.
Danny, try not to panic!  Remember we had horrible cold, and storms all up & down the east coast just after Christmas. I figure that’s about the time many of our packages would be coming into the US. Hopefully, it’s just a backlog due to the bad weather, and should catch up soon!
Awe,it's completely understandable that anyone would be concerned when your mag. does not come in a time you are expecting,I think there are many factors that can affect delivery,some not something you can blame on vendor.I think this one is a great vendor in general,it's too bad our country seems not to be as free as it is supposed to be.We should have choices and I choose not to help corporate make more money,but there is disagreement amongst our leaders and that isnt fair but life isn't fair,as my aunt used to tell me probably at least 100 times,We all know this.I sure hope that everyone's magazines come like expected,myne included.Im not going to x the vendor off my list,I may take the insurance next time though.
Placed order a little less then a week ago just checked TTM2U site and its showing shipped, will obviously update, seeing and hearing good things and got the ins option too, hoping it doesn't come to needing that but...
Anyways, hoping everybody's having a good weekend.

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