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Great to hear that so many orders are arriving. Still waiting here..
Still waiting from mid December, but I figure that's not a long time. Never bought socks from this vendor, so my expectation level is pretty neutral. But, my feet will be getting cold soon, and then I'll be anxious.  Confused
HMM. I had a post in this thread and it's gone. I apologize if whatever I did broke a rule as it appears to have been removed.

(01-11-2018, 01:12 AM)masterthief Wrote: HMM.  I had a post in this thread and it's gone.  I apologize if whatever I did broke a rule as it appears to have been removed.

Shoot. I tried to do a quick edit.  In other words, if a mod could tell me by PM why my post was deleted, it would be appreciated as I cannot determine any rule it violated.  Thanks!
I was not here. However, I see that the removed post was removed as you had already made your five posts for the day.

some dispute the clock on this. staff goes by what the system tells us.

tell u what. i am off but shall check if u said anything inappropriate. in a quick read, i saw nothing wrong. but it was ur sixth post of the day. five a day until ur first fifty. then eight or ten. cuz we need to know whom u r before we share our hard learned info.

and, another new person tried to zoom to fifty last nite in a couple hours, so i imagine my moderator was not in the mood for another to try to do the same.

but, five a day till we know u.
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Got it.  Thanks Charon!
(01-07-2018, 03:08 PM)masterthief Wrote:
(01-07-2018, 10:50 AM)kristof Wrote:
(01-07-2018, 04:57 AM)masterthief Wrote: So does everyone who has tried this vendor like the bnsos here?  Are they trustworthy?

after 5 years i can say: Yes the are!  Big Grin

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, I have tried 3 or 4... Great reviews from me!
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I just wanna say that I love this vendor. The staff have always been so nice and cordial. I haven't recieved my order but I know it will show up eventually. This is the fifth time I have used them and I have yet to be disappointed. The holiday season was just a fluke trust me, at least to the SE. I refuse to get anxious knowing that my order.will arrive. I hope every one is doing great by the way. Love ya.
I want to add my thumbs up for quality for this is always minus one in late October.And around Xmas which has me a bit frustrated but I know they cannot control all factors.hope the December is still an route,it's a really important one.
As far as i am seeing, TTm is stil a viable source...

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I have dealt with them for years. Mostly they have been super reliable & the goods are great! However, my last three mags have yet to arrive after more that 6 weeks. Also, I haven’t seen or heard of anyone else with arrivals in 2018 at all (in the US). For me, I’m going to wait until I see some movement before throwing more money at it.

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