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One month now.
Reading about a large delay in c of origin of up to two weeks behind. Nothing and past the three week mark. Will let you all know of any updates. Sorry for not the greatest news. I have heard through the grape vine that oct 16-19 are showing up to East Coast just today.
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They got my account reactivated and I am placing an order today. I will post updates as soon as I have my wait times.
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Waiting on an order from 10-26. Has been unusually long since previous orders came within 2 weeks.
Yeah no word from admin if they know what's causing it. 4 weeks for some.

And sorry, I know we're supposed to post x# of posts on average, but I stayed away from forums etc for 4-5 months after a parent passed away.)

I can't check on their forum, if they have one (can't remember, just register editeda while ago to see prices), as "forgot pass" isn't emailing me anything, or not yet at least, arg.
Birds from mid October are now landing is usa. (Long flight / delays of the birds.)

Early November birds are also start to land in the UK. (Very fast birds / no delays )
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I placed an order with Ttm.

edit: this is about ttm only. secondly, the vendor has worked long and hard to keep private info off all forums. don't discuss his methods. he really frowns upon it. and, giving up any info on vendors has only caused horrific problems for all. let us keep quiet as to details this time.
Thanks for the info.

Edit: too much info. Cut it out. They are barely back and u guys are giving up too much info.
Tbh i don't know why there is even a new members section for ttm. There isn't anywhere else.
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We are not like everybody else.

But, the newbies put up all the inappropriate info. In the threads they can access.

So, newer posts in a newbie thread got rushed to be checked before loose lips have sunk any ships.

But, we shall never be like everyone else. We don't want to be.
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