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I want to add my thumbs up for quality for this is always minus one in late October.And around Xmas which has me a bit frustrated but I know they cannot control all factors.hope the December is still an route,it's a really important one.
As far as i am seeing, TTm is stil a viable source...

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I have dealt with them for years. Mostly they have been super reliable & the goods are great! However, my last three mags have yet to arrive after more that 6 weeks. Also, I haven’t seen or heard of anyone else with arrivals in 2018 at all (in the US). For me, I’m going to wait until I see some movement before throwing more money at it.
A mid December order, 33 calendar days but it did arrive today. Still no early December order that’s now into the 7th week. I’ve accepted the fate of that package.
I also placed an early December order now going on it's 7th week.  No sign of it yet.   Sad
My very early December order still MIA. Oh well. And of course I paid for the brand name and no insurance. Grrrr. Staying away from these guys for just a bit - there seems to be a slight clog somewhere in the pipeline that will definitely work itself out, as always with this amazing vendor.
Well Dec 4 came today in the form of a LL! Hoorah...
Do LL usually come is cycles. Should I be worried about the order I placed? Now I'm freaking out. Oh lord.
(01-18-2018, 04:00 AM)Danny Wrote: Do LL usually come is cycles.  Should I be worried about the order I placed? Now I'm freaking out.  Oh lord.

Yes they can come in waves. However, usually the country of origin is targeted. On one or possibly both ends. For instance, if a package is confiscated in the origin country then you will not get a LL. Just a loss.
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Oh my, now I'm worried I might get a letter of love. This was my first time ordering from this vendor. Wait and see. Fingers crossed.

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