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and, that is the cutest darn doggie i have seen in a long while.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Another order just placed with this pharmacy, I'll provide an update on delivery when recieved.
Re: Tazcarm and Charon's posts. Sounds disheartening hah. I don't have ability to send PM's yet, but I wish I did so I could ask about this (and it's hard to post on any forums or use social media etc. lately, feeling a bit anti-social ever since more than one family member has passed, I am sorry that I haven't been great with keeping up post count).

Even though people might have the impression TTM had problems last month, I was lucky to receive my TTM orders (haven't received one placed end of last month, but that seemed normal to me; it did, however, take longer than usual for my early Dec ones to come)...I think with the holidays a lot of people who did receive just didn't post (though some did), while those who didn't of course had more motivation to actually write about it.

I was planning on making an order here and another with the competition, only to see this thread. I'd be super grateful if you could PM me Charon - I know you're probably firing off messages like crazy, as always, probably more than usual if anything, but would be great to hear from you Smile Side note, getting no sleep (and that's all I ever really need in life; can't really google random advice on how to get Zzz's, another thing you're familiar with Charon lol).

Ah, and since re-reading rules just in case, need to ask, any fellow insomniacs (and I know there are a lot) who could please recommend a vendor for amb/zolp? High-dose withdrawal is difficult & just as bad as bzo w/d. Any PMs with advice would be very much appreciated.
Still waiting (not holding my breath) on early and mid December orders. I'm trying out new vendors now who don't have any snags reported.
Glad to say i received one of my mags from early dec. , still waiting on late November..
Aquarius, that’s great news! I’m waiting for One in that time frame, too!
Made an order recently. Will update all when it arrives.
Great to hear that so many orders are arriving. Still waiting here..
Still waiting from mid December, but I figure that's not a long time. Never bought socks from this vendor, so my expectation level is pretty neutral. But, my feet will be getting cold soon, and then I'll be anxious.  Confused
HMM. I had a post in this thread and it's gone. I apologize if whatever I did broke a rule as it appears to have been removed.

(01-11-2018, 01:12 AM)masterthief Wrote: HMM.  I had a post in this thread and it's gone.  I apologize if whatever I did broke a rule as it appears to have been removed.

Shoot. I tried to do a quick edit.  In other words, if a mod could tell me by PM why my post was deleted, it would be appreciated as I cannot determine any rule it violated.  Thanks!

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