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TT is a blessing from the heavens for those who need it. Thank you!

(10-29-2017, 04:50 PM)irie311 Wrote: Anyone have any luck lately....patiently waiting haven't used these guys in awhile ......appreciate any heads up, thanks guys, hope I made myself clear and not over stepped anything. Peace Love and happiness to all y'all today.
One Love!
Have not in a few months. But from experience patience is key. Give it time friend. Much love
It looks like these guys are running a bit slow these days. Plan to wait at least 3 weeks. The quality is top notch, so worth the wait, but definitely plan ahead!
When it comes to international shipping timing can be really iffy. There's so many parts of that supply chain. In my limited experience, IOP vendors are all reliable and really nice but patience is key.

The first time i ordered i was so anxious, I kept bombarding them with questions lol.

The package will come. Give it time. And although i've never ordered from this site before (im planning to), ive had to wait about 2 and a half weeks on average.
many thanks to all, and yea I deffiently planned ahead alot, lol. i gotta watch myself cant over induldge too much and they arrived a week ago, but yea I'm thinking any day now hopefully. Peace!
finally arrived on Halloween, everything was nice as usually. Peace!
Recently placed an order, the product selection is great and seem to be in stock.

The website is kinda buggy, but we managed to sort out the details over email. Good customer service.
I was worried and anxious like so many but was suprised when it arrived in 13 days. Very impressed
(11-05-2017, 07:57 PM)Danny Wrote: I was worried and anxious like so many but was suprised when it arrived in 13 days. Very impressed

Thats good to know I'm waiting too haha. I was anxious the first several times too (and still am, especially with new vendors), but they do deliver. Gotta have patience, and pray to the luck gods.
If it's any help, I've been ordering of them on and off for 3 or 4 years and have never been disappointed. Sometimes a little slow but they always arrive. I understated that's not true for everyone they do have a strong long term record.
10 days to the UK, very nice packaging and service. Smile

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