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This seems like a good way for people to get the hang of things and get to know one another, waiting on a second reship.
parcel mailed June 6.....arrived June 13. Pretty fast this time. They usually arrive in 10-12 days.
Your point is taken. Audry im. Just having problems because my email guys payment method was ruined for him. Maybe I'll try another on here.
(06-21-2016, 11:54 PM)Audrey Hepburn Wrote: I'm not trying to be a jerk, but nothing is being received. Why are you guys still ordering from them until things are fixed?
When you don't receive, please don't post about how you haven't received, but they are awesome/I have to be loyal. Maybe if I do another small order......

You are just throwing money away at this point.

I think what I'm seeing is orders are being received now.  I'm getting near the end of the longest it usually takes so I'll know soon if it's gonna happen or not.  I'm not reordering yet though, this is an order placed during the slowdown that only shipped recently.
Reship June/10
Received June/23
Everything was spot on, and service was great just like all my other experiences with them so far. Hope everyone has a relaxing/exciting weekend.
I placed a request.  I have every faith in them.  I was a loyal customer until thing went sideways.  The stork should arrive next week.
Updates on delivery. A reship, reship mailed 6/7 received 6/17 mw. That is what the average use to be.
Shipped 6/20

Delivered 6/27

Think ther back to bizz
Starting to get a bit worried, it's been much longer than usual. Anyone else experiencing the same?
Well interesting.  My long delayed item finally the exact same time as the item I ordered 8 days after the first was mark shipped.  Not sure what that's about, hopefully no interference mockery.  Very happy this vendor came through though, super quality as always.

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