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Tr@mad0l T@pering
Towards the end of my tram taper I would dissolve 50 mgs into two shots of whiskey and take a few drops every day, and then every day, until it was finally done with. Worked pretty well
I was on 50mg 2x a day for a few years. I was horrified of quitting because I thought I was physically dependent. I think it was more of a psychological dependency for me though, as I was able to stop taking them without any major side effects. I still occasionally take them but not with the same regularity as before. I wouldn't want to start taking more than I was though. Even at that I'd get very sleepy especially after the 2nd one. It tends to dull not just the pain but everything else.
Prescribed  100mg twice a day. I didn't think I needed that much. Doc wouldn't listen! I think my body better than him. I tried it.  Too strong for me and man it last a long time. I supplement Red K on alternernated every other day. It did work and within a  year no more  tram. Pain still there but tolerable. Had to tram when to uncomfortable . K almost  daily and tram once a week  or so.still a bit uncomfortable but tolerable.  It may work for you too!  Hang in there all. With love and compassion.  Peace

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