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Tr@mad0l T@pering
US doctors consider 400mg to be the daily acceptable safe limit.

NHS and EU doctors generally agree upon 600mg as the daily acceptable safe limit.

Take from that what you will.
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Towards the end of my tram taper I would dissolve 50 mgs into two shots of whiskey and take a few drops every day, and then every day, until it was finally done with. Worked pretty well
I was on 50mg 2x a day for a few years. I was horrified of quitting because I thought I was physically dependent. I think it was more of a psychological dependency for me though, as I was able to stop taking them without any major side effects. I still occasionally take them but not with the same regularity as before. I wouldn't want to start taking more than I was though. Even at that I'd get very sleepy especially after the 2nd one. It tends to dull not just the pain but everything else.

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