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It's nearly impossible to get prescribed here, unless you were on it wince you were just 7 years old, you go in asking for that, good luck your already a drug seeeker.
mapurv is not calling u, last poster a drug seeker. he or she is saying doctor's eyes u may be deemed one by specifically asking for a med. that u r exhibiting what the medical profession deems drug seeking behavior.

Just sayin. Cuz if one reads it quickly, it could sound judgmental. It was not.
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I have found this drug to be impossible to source outside of the US.It is made and sold locally.Your best bet is to find some college friends or gather up medical records,statements from family members and employer committing on your behavior.Bring it all to a shrink.Good luck.
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honestly, I'd just see your/ a doc and they are pretty lenient letting you try adder@ll or just rit@lin.  My husband I wouldn't say he has ADHD or ADD, but he saw his doc, went over what has been going on in life, had to go for an hour consult with some therapist (covered by insurance for us), and bada-bing, he we prescribed and I haven't seen him is such a great hardworking, overall good mood ever since.  It did require to go back each three months though for refills (state law probably?)

Also, maybe consider talking to a doc, NP, or PA about different kinds.  addie is much more populary where I am, but I became the back sleep and take vyvanse now as of a couple weeks; it has rocked my world.  It was prescribed for anxiety but it gives me better concentration as well.

Hope you figure it out!!

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