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(08-14-2017, 08:49 AM)cfand8 Wrote: got it! thanks

you are very welcome Smile
Addy is the only pill you can still get easily from doctors. Just regurgitate a few add symptoms and most doctors are good to go. That being said addy makes me feel like a hot wired crack head.
I am afraid not so easy these days . There are alternatives to Addies and Docs know that . It had become harder and harder to find them over the years . Where are the days when u could get them RX real ones , even by phone consultations ?
(08-14-2017, 08:49 AM)cfand8 Wrote: got it! thanks
I never understood what that meant, either. I t wa so mysterious. Thanks for the clarification.   Smile
how does ritz? compare to addy ? I've heard that rits is just lousy compared to addy. i was going to say theres several vendors with rit but very few with addy . if a person can get by with rit they'll save a ton . I'm only slightly familiar with either.
Perfectpazzy that depends on your CNS. You can't tell before you try and each one reacts in a different way to stimulants. But for sure Ritz has a lower harm potential to your brain cells than Amphet@mins .
Very interesting I always got a much more "dirty" jittery effect with less benefits than I have with @ddies. I did not realize that the Amp was that much harder on your system than ritz. Thanks for the info but I think I will stick with what works for me and I always supplement with 5-htp and try to drink a lot of fluids.
Always what works best is the best . Everyone has its own genes , metabolism and polymorphisms . I got MS and that change a lot in my mind and the way I get effects . 5 -htp is also a good way to boost effects . Amphs are play hard on some guys while they can be more soft on some individuals that have a background of stimulants.
I hate adderall, i really loved it as a kid but as i got older the way it effected me changed. Now it just makes me crazy.
"Nobody owns life, but anyone who can pick up a frying pan owns death." -William S Burroughs
I hate Adderall, as well!!! I had been taking instant AND extended release Dexedrine for years, and suddenly my insurance refused to cover the extended release Dexedrine. They continued to cover the instant release, but replaced my extended release Dexedrine with extended release Adderall!! It just isn't effective, although I do realize that Adderall does contain a small amount of Dexedrine. This new combination just makes me feel "off." 

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