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Thankfully right now I have a young healthy crew but I know if CBD would have been available a few years ago when my dog needed arthritis meds & the shot the vet gave her killed her she'd have been around a good while longer.
Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed. ~ Mark Twain
I had friends who gave their pup CBD when she was getting old and began to have seizures... they swore by it.
I've always heard that cannabis was no bueno for dogs but perhaps that has changed.
CBD works the opposite for me on my dog. Instead of calming her down and relaxing her, she becomes very excited and runs around and just whines. Not good for her.
i remember my medical doctor sister had attack trained siberian huskies.

if she gave them a valium before a vet visit, he went ballistic on the vet. it had the opposite effect.

dog mileage may vary also.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Hate to hear about any and all pups (or kitties) hurting.

Okay, hope no one thinks I'm cruel or crazy, but when my Golden Lab got older, he had terrible hip pain and anxiety (peed every time it thundered for the entire 15 years he was alive).

A relative in another state who had a MM license sent me some "gold fish" crackers. They were for me, but I couldn't take them.

My lab was so sweet, and I hated see him in pain. When the groomer came, the dog could barely make it up the little ramp the woman had for the van. After the grooming, he needed two days to recover from the 'ordeal."

I decided there was no need for him to be clean--for who?--and he would lay, and I would feed him turkey slices as he lay with his head on the floor. The vet said the it was getting close, but we selfishly held on a bit. I asked my relative to ask her MM pharmacist if the gold fish crackers were safe for the dog to take. She said yes, probably, more yes than no. That satisfied me.

I fed him a few of those MM gold fish crackers (don't know the potency) every now and again. After taking them he would lift his head, still laying but calm and coherent. I did it a few more times. It seemed to make him happy and calm.

Sometimes he did look a bit out of it. But, again, he was happy and calm.

I have no regrets.
I trust vets more than regular doctors, as they are more willing to try meds on animals. They are more likely to tell one the truth as they dont get sued the way regular doctors do.

So, I would ask the vet.

I believe MMJ is a wonderful way to live with issues your doggie is experiencing. Only your Vet would know, but I do know research indicates it is beneficial to both issues your pup is facing. As I did not go to medical school, I would need the Vet to confirm the problem with doggie's intestinal tract. So, that no way would he even feel uncomfortable.

But, I do believe it can help both RA pain and GI pains.

Good luck. May your puppy have a good day today.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Blockhead: I think u did the right thing. When i was caregiving for my mother whom had progressed to end stage lung cancer, she wanted to try MMJ. We got a script for marinol. And I got her smoke. But, then we realized as she had lung cancer, it was not wise to give her MMJ. Not to mention she was on oxygen.

But she passed in 94. And, thank God I had a good doctor around.

The way life and death goes in NY now, though, I would certainly have gotten her edibles.

I believe you helped your doggie. You gave him comfort and love and tried all that u knew. I pray you will see your baby again someday. (cuz its not heaven if my animals are not there, IMHO.)

EDIT: i think the only regret i would have, if i had a way to get this medicine for family or pets, would only be if i believed it could help, and I did not try it.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
even on my worst days you make me smile see, but it’s just too kind that’s not happen without animals, you got that right as dogs are the greatest and most in the world. knk knk The good thing is they are also very good at bouncing back when it seems like things might be not so good. But I don’t want to jinx anything, because the way things of been going this month, sorry forgot my superstitions. I totally believe in CBD for dogs, as the other stuff they give you is pretty heavy, and it can make a dog to some thing it ordinarily might not do. Obviously depends on what they give you but As more and more CBD becomes commonplace, we will learn more. Guess that’s obvious, but it doesn’t seem obvious. As days keep going by and even though it past nothing.

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