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State Controlled Script Monitor Programs
Cheers channon ,sorry for late reply but just got a new phone as my other got. nicked hop be in touch more now have I lost my 50 plus privaliges .ps is fronnie or rambozo still about all the best Benny Smile
hey benny zo.  i saw u come here today.  then, i got really busy.

no, fronnie is not here that i know of.

and, we have no rambozo here.  We have some UK people tho, Benny.

Good to see u.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Have a friend that had a script from local physician then switched to the VA. He was told that it popped in the national DB that he already had a script. Only 1 script per person. No problem for him but I would imagine that the drug seekers are not happy.

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