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Why, Do People Become Addicted?
(04-30-2017, 04:10 PM)Linville Wrote: Hmm, I am just reading most of your responses frog.

I see some your adjectives are curse words. Not good . Not good at all.

Who are you calling MF'er and RB's BTW ? 

Don't answer just a rhetorical question !

Ur rant, without any paragraph markers, is hard to follow. 
Did you take English in school BTW ?
Or do you always just take a deep breath and blurt it all out.

So in the future would you be able to hit the enter button every now and then so that if one choses to read ur rant it is easier.

I have worked with people before that thought in a meeting if they screamed louder than others were talking then their decision was the right one, because they were loudest.

Sound familiar, frog?

So you are an addict too but struggle with it. Still gives you no right to come on here and act like a horses behind.

Hmm you have some percentages as well, 10% of population is addictive prone, just might be true, maybe higher.

Some get it under control and some do not . I think those that need help should get it.

Oh, I could not have said it any better than Audrey Hepburn said it to you.
I would take member Hepburn's advice and chill.

Learn how we post like someone else also asked of you.

We do not like flame wars here. 
Of course it is fully acceptable to disagree but in the belligerent and aggressive way using MF this and RB that and also you did in another thread act rather jacked and crazy when you complained of someone a senior member dressing you down.

So listen to Audrey Hepburn's advice is what I say to you.

BTW This post to you is for informational purposes only and it is not intended to or does it need a reply.

In other words Do Not Reply, to this if you are wanting to let it die.

If you are wanting to fight and start flame wars then respond. 

It is up to you.

Which will it be ?

See how much easier this is to read when you separate the thoughts and make paragraphs ! 

(Meant as a declarative statement not a question.)

This thread had been a source of dialog but now I am thinking of asking a MOD to close it.

I do not like this sort of thing going on.

Maybe at least temporally anyway have it locked. 


One more thing about addiction. I truly believe genetics plays a big part in it. It's been shown that children of parents with addictions are prone to have the problem.
I myself had this in my family. My dad's mom was an alcoholic, my dad was an alcoholic, my younger brother was a closet alcoholic and in my younger days, I was well on my way to the same. It was because of alcohol that I had my accident that has me so beat up today.

After my accident, I had to quit drinkin' because of the strong PK's I was on. Even with that, I found myself goin' "hog wild" on that. For many yrs. I went from doc to doc to get more. I really enjoyed the feelin' the PK's gave me and without the hangover the next day. My pain back then was bad, but nowhere as bad as it is now. After gettin' caught by the PMP system, I learned to slow my roll and see only 1 doc and use the meds as prescribed. It's not easy by any means, but my fear of w/d's and running out early, far outweigh my desire to take more than I need. Sure, I still order some online from time to time for the days that are REALLY bad.

I've posted this here before, the reason I was seeing so many doc's to get meds. The main reason for stocking up was hurricane Katrina. I had to go 7 months without my meds because I wasn't able to find my doc and no other doc would prescribe it for me, even tho I showed them all of my medical records and prescription records. They wouldn't even look at them, just NO was the answer. It was the most horrible 7 months of my life and I swore to myself I wouldn't go thru that again. I kept seeing doc's to be able to stock up just in case.

So now, I've learned to play by the rules. It's by no means fun, but it's what I have to do to survive. I guess that the older you get, the more you wise up. Each day is hard, but it's much better than the alternative in my opinion.

Well, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. All true.

Cricket I am glad you survived such an ordeal.  

Good for you.

We all have, it seems to me, things we deal with in various ways.

Thank you for sharing.  Heart

 If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.
Had not even thought about how something like Katrina would/could affect someone needing to see their doc,must have been a nightmare for you Cricket and many others,hope that doesn't happen again for sure.

I also think it would be a good idea to either lock or get rid of this thread.
I was just thinking about Cricket's description of the PKs, and the wider discussion of addiction. A while back I bounced my way home from the doctor. I was the most gleeful I had been all month. Why? I had a prescription for 480 painkillers for the next 30 days. It was a real rush - and I hadn't even taken them yet, but I had them, they were in my hand.

Part of the thrill was knowing I had successfully manipulated three doctors. Rather like someone with shopping addiction, I was mostly fixated on the acquisition (and hoarding) of the pills. Once home, I lovingly piled up the boxes, along with the ones I'd stashed from previous "successes". I was oddly proud of the quantity.

Just to be clear, I did have a legitimately serious injury, but it became something else. My manipulating was wrong. Obviously lots of people have to jump through hoops to get the medication they genuinely need and I'm not comparing what I did with that. My actions were pathological and in terms of recovery I'll be paying the price for a long time. It helped me function at a very high level, not only was the pain gone but I felt more confident than ever. But of course it could never last.

In hindsight, I replaced people with things (mostly pills or alcohol - generally not together!). I think that's one of the markers of addiction.
This thread will be closed for a while, how long is undetermined.

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bravo. i am sorry i was gone and that rat bastard wrote so many posts and threads with inappropriate language and inappropriate convo for our forum.
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