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Why, Do People Become Addicted?
Well, I think some people can get addicted because they are trying to mask a pain in their life.

It could be physical but it can also be mental…..pain.

I also know well have read that some people can get addicted from an injury or condition that requires an RX med.

I know when I had kidney stones that the one time I was several days getting over one and I had been taking the pain med and started to rely on it to get through the day.
I have been to the ER twice with them.
Once they let me wither in pain until I started throwing up in the trash can and finally gave me something, later saying a lot of people come in trying to get something faking it.

I could not sit still for my blood pressure to be checked because of the back pain from the stone moving….it wil get your attention and make you loose any modesty just to make the pain stop!

Saw on TV recently someone posting about the shooting in Charleston, SC that he himself had become addicted to pain meds from being shot 5-6 times in a Baltimore gang initiation.
He was talking about once he was discharged from hospital that he turned to H for the need.
But he did overcome it.
One thing is that he became able to forgive the shooter and that also helped him have the intestional fortitude to get over the hump so to speak…..

best regards

 If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.
(07-03-2015, 05:56 PM)Charon Wrote: that is fascinating about the food mimicking drugs in the brain.

i never read anything on that yet.  well, that i recall.  as soon as i get time.

those r three categories i can actually get down well.  so, very interesting for me.  thank u, miss kitty.

It's the combination of the three. McDonald's and many others have used this info for years to addict us.  It has worked on me, that's for sure.
My best friend killed himself in front of me May 10 2006. It was the day after finals in college and the school decided that since it was after finals it was not their problem anymore, so they sent me to a doctor in town who gave me benzos to stop me from freaking the fuck out. It didn't stop for 5 years.

It a way it was irresponsible for them, certainly, but I don't blame anyone. It was up to me to fix it and ultimately I CTed and now I only use on particularly bad days, you never get over someone you really care about killing themselves in front of you. Also, CT off 5 years of 4mg of xanax is a year long process with a couple of seizures, glad I'm still alive.

I don't think it's fair to blame anyone. I think people are negligent, people want short term solutions and it turns into long term ones, but ultimately I had a choice to jump off the train and I did and I'm glad for it. My life is much better and I had to deal with my issues head on without medication first. It didn't fix it completely but I'd say 85% of the time I'm at peace with it.

We can't control the traumatic events in our lives and sometimes addiction is a comfortably numb blanket to fall into. It's also a Faustian bargain - trading tranquility now for suffering later, but that's your own balancing test. I think I took it willingly and I needed it to come to the point I am now, ultimately, which is at least functional and competent at what I do.
i am sorry jim.

what an awful awful experience. but, look at how much u have risen.

just live a bit of ur life, for him. in your heart.

but, i cannot imagine what u suffered. a close friend witnessed his fathers suicide. because no one told the men wounded in the war with metal in their heads that metal plates could cuz them to hear weird sounds. my friend gave up on life. he survives. but, he is defined by that day.

i am so sorry. how awful. you are a remarkable man.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
(07-08-2015, 02:23 AM)Charon Wrote: i am sorry jim.

what an awful awful experience.  but, look at how much u have risen.  

just live a bit of ur life, for him.  in your heart.  

but, i cannot imagine what u suffered.  a close friend witnessed his fathers suicide.  because no one told the men wounded in the war with metal in their heads that metal plates could cuz them to hear weird sounds.  my friend gave up on life.  he survives.  but, he is defined by that day.

i am so sorry.  how awful.  you are a remarkable man.

Thanks, after a few I learned to celebrate the good times instead of mull over the bad and that's not necessarily something medication specifically will enable one to do, but by stopping me from mulling over the bad memories I find it, to a certain degree, helpful to focus on the good and move the hell on.
Thank you for sharing that article Linville.  I found it most enlightening.  For a while now, I have believed that addiction is a combination of a physical predisposition and environment.   In other words,  nature and nurture are responsible for how some of us become addicted and some of us do not.  

This rat story/study seems to state that it is all nurture (i.e., environment) and that there is no such thing a genetic predisposition.  Unless I misread it.  Please gang, feel free to tell me if I got something wrong.  I love a good discussion.

It would be great if a genetic predispositions to addiction did not exist.  For some reason, I have always thought that if one had an alcoholic parent, one was at risk.  This strikes close to home for me as my DD's father has an alcoholic sibling and a grandparent as well.  That makes me worry for my DD.  

I love how that one area (?) decriminalized drugs and used the money previously spent on enforcement on providing those suffering from addiction with hope and connection to others.  We need less punishment in this world and more compassion.  

Hi Cajunbulldog , I totally agree that a dependence is not the same as an addiction.

Jim, I am most sorry for the loss of your friend, and the manner in which it occurred.
Music is probably the only real magic I have encountered in my life. There's not some trick involved with it. It's pure and it's real. It moves, it heals, it communicates and does all these incredible things. Tom Petty
i was raised with that same believe, fire. that genetics played a role.

me mother was an alcoholic, but, a totally functioning one, till the last few months of her life. and me grandmother also liked her beer.

i decided the safest thing for me, was just to say "no." for me, it worked.

and, my son, has his priorities in order. he hated college due to drunken, crazy people in the dorms. he learned that adults may have wine at a holiday. (my family toasted that cider that lets u pretend its a toast!)

i would not worry about ur DD with her upbringing.

it seems to have been more acceptable for the very frustrated women whom were not allowed to attend college. or to work. days of old.

but, ur DD has seen a strong mom. A professional. Whom can handle most everything appropriately and with class. You don't run to a bottle. And, as she was a chronic pain patient, she understands that we actually prevent further harm to joints when we use the meds we r given. Plus, we can move a tad.

I would not worry about her, fire. She was not raised in a home that could have put her at risk.

(but, i guess that theory is just for old wives now!)
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
For me, my addiction was mostly my surroundings, and some part my genetics, for alcohol, I knew that runs in my family very deep and I knew the stay away from the liquor after many a black outs. So now I stick just to beer.

For the opiates. That was I'd say 90% the surroundings. It was availbale and I had the money at the time to buy it, and once I got a taste for it, I loved what it did for me as far as bottling up things and instead of dealing with problems it was easier to do some drugs. I was getting what I found out to be 70% pure Heroin, more than 4x anything anyone in this area had seen. Once this connection was busted, I basically stopped using because everything around was trash compared to what I was used to, maybe 10-20% pure at best. So this played a VERY big role in my getting clean. If that same 70% H was around right to this very day, I would most likely still use it when I had some issues (maybe once a month at most, most likely less than that, as I do have occasional pain, but Suboxone helps with that), but I wouldn't be using it daily like I was, so I can't say it's 100% surroundings. I have changed (for the better) - and actually as of today, finally have a legal prescription to Suboxone - which I've actually been on for 6 years (since I've been clean), illegally. So I am very happy to be finally prescribed, no more worries of getting in trouble, running out, etc. I had to sign some stuff about me being on Xanax, as it can cause respiratory distress from slowing breathing down, coma, or even death. but I was honest with the Dr. about being on it for 6 years, both Suboxone and Xanax, so he appreciated me being honest and wasn't worried about this issue since I've been on it for so long without issue. - sorry if I got off coarse a little bit, I'm just very relived to finally be legally on Suboxone.
Thanks Char. Andybones, I am glad you are getting what you need scripted as well.

Like Char (do you like that nickname?) I was raised to believe addiction was hereditary. I thought that there was an addiction gene that got passed along family members. Now just because one has the gene, that does not mean one will become an addict. It takes a certain environment were one pounds their bodies with drugs or booze to 'flip' the switch as it were. Or so I think. That said, the rat study was most interesting.

Who knows. Not me, that for sure. Although I do know that I have some addictive tendencies but for some reason not with meds, so in that regard I am lucky.

Andy, being in an environment where H is continually available would be tempting to most. Me, I didn't even see any of the harder rec drugs until college.
Music is probably the only real magic I have encountered in my life. There's not some trick involved with it. It's pure and it's real. It moves, it heals, it communicates and does all these incredible things. Tom Petty
I love a good discussion too.

I feel like it is kind of like a 70% 30% with the 70 being genetics……I just like to read and take in all kinds of info from various sources.
I had a college class a 101 something Pys something, that we talked over this similar thing.
We were asked to come up with reason and how we believed what made us who we are.

Like in the genetics or is it our family of origin environment…..the 30% is how we were raised and such. I just think it does have some bearing on who we are. 

It is not all genetics but I didnt take further courses then again I think a lot of the colleges are brainwashing kids, but shush me up because that is another story...

I like hearing what and how others think.

 If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.

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