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Is anyone else getting there Benzo scrips taken away or cut down a lot recently?
Also good advice when your job constantly does drug tests. Talking about fish. Farmers post above.
Friends of mines, who get their benzo's through scripts, have told me the same thing. The benzophobic medical establishment has lately gotten even more benzophobic. You would think the exact opposite would be true, with ALP being move down to a Schedule 4. Anyone who is interested should read the FDA/DEA's own description of a Schedule 4 drug..They themselves say it's "One with little potential for abuse"! So, wtf? Little potential for abuse, lowered to Schedule 4, and the docs are now MORE hesitant to write for ALP? Makes absolutely no sense.
You need to find a Dr who you have a good repore with and go in each month so he gets paid. They don't want to lose patients. That's at least how I get daytime benzos prescribed.
I only get ten ati**n a month and have to stretch the month with them.
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