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White 10mg Diazepam in blisters of 10 tabs per
Years ago a friend gave me a bunch of strips of white 10mg Diazepam that came in blister packs of 10 tablets per blister - I'm pretty sure he said they were pharma grade.  The tablets had no markings on one side and just a score mark across the back so that they could be broken in half easily, and I can't remember the writing on the back of the blisters (although I do know it wasn't Sanskrit, Asian, or Arabic, it was not English).  The back of the blister (with the writing on it) was silverish, and the front was clear, the tablets visible through the plastic.  Those were some of the best Diazepam I've ever come across...Does the description ring a bell with anyone?

UPDATE: Ah, I've remembered where they came from now, which gives me a hint as to who the manufacturer most likely is - If you think you recognize these by my description please PM me and I'll tell you where they were manufactured, and who I suspect the manufacturer was, perhaps together we can identify them.  Thank you!
Found them.  There are 15 tablets per blister, that's what threw me off - Bensedrin is the brand name.  Will let you all know in the IOP List forum when they arrive if they are as good as I remember them to be.
There are supposed to be excellent I have heard.think they are available from one of the approved IOPS maybe. Might have to try!
Bensedrin, from what I heard is very effective, althought I rarely go the vali route, I've read good thing about them.
Bensedin are not scored. They are totally unmarked.

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