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OC 80
Remember back at that other place that guy who gave away the free "green pills"
I still have one stashed away. Was a big stink
I have spoken with that person a few times, and he Is still giving them away with any order.
I know your a long timer, so you must remember... all I can say is SB
That is more that alot--it's death. It's better to just destroy something you are unsure of.
It sure sounds like it is an OxyContin Prolonged Release 80mg .. a very strong opiate based painkiller, much stronger than tramadol so please be careful with these tyles of medications. The 80mgs is the stongest one you can get, as they start from 5mg in bed prolonged release tabs, so just to say once again to be careful with Meds like this and be sure to do plenty of research before taking anyhting like this as overdose can be Very easy for someone with little to no tolerance
Hey Z.,I tried a handful of samples from a new vendor,that is now in the (BlackList) section over a year ago.they had a very detail oriented factory that mass produced these O.C-80'S,Hydros,and Zanny Bars. They had "Factory boxes blisters,paper work,the whole nine yards.They made Two O.C types,Dark Green,white inside,and Light Green all the way thru.I had them tested before I took them and they had literly the kitchen sink and every chemical under it,in it! Look under blacklist=Rudranshdropshippers,of Indie.Any pain med from over there is hand made in a bath tub.BEWARE!..PeaceAll...
And to think ..
They used to made a 160mg!
Who the heck needs that much is beyond my comprehension ...

A true friend,
freely advises,
justly assists readily, 
adventures boldly, 
takes all patiently,
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(03-08-2018, 12:27 AM)IceWizard Wrote: And to think ..
They used to made a 160mg!
Who the heck needs that much is beyond my comprehension ...


Fun Fact from the Old Place ... regarding that old black green pill give away.
Kept if for a long time.. yep been a few lol
finally did some testing for the long timers to clear up the debate then.
It was H .. true in fact.
destroyed the one I had.
Proves that one has to be really careful

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