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OC 80
Glad to hear.
Didn't mean any bad will towards the vendor, 9.999/10 they had no idea, esp if handing out as a sample, these ones may not even have something that is harmful in it..
It just gets me a little upset seeing this, brings back some bad memories, had some friends get hurt taking bunk OC 80 pills, these though were some amazing fakes, you could have a fake and a real one next to each other and the only way to tell if it was real was to rub off some of the coating and lick it, quite the pain in the butt.
Yeah, I know about fakes Andy, more so fake xanax. Some of the fake xanax, alprazolam. looked real. There were some good counterfeiters. I had my tests I could do to determine if they were bogus or not.. If you ever received bars and none were broken, that was bad.. That meant they were hard and make of chalk. Real bars are fairly soft and no matter how well packed some would get broken in transit. As I said, other than Tramadol I know knowing about PKs.. Even if they were legit, I would mess with them.

Thank you all, Andy, Rev b2g.
All the freebie samples I have received of OC 80's have been fake. Their is a legit company that makes them in that new color green that's shown in your pic. Is the pill green all the way thru? It should be white on the inside. Also if you take a wet paper towel the green coating should come off very easy and show white underneath. The real ones are some of the strongest PK's made and are very sought after depending on where you are located they sell on the street for $75-80. You can find legit ones online for $40-$45 and most vendors know how much they are worth so very unlikely they would send out real ones for free.
I have a lot of experience with those pills so if you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

Zander what type of test would you use to see if you have a Xanax with real alprazolam in them? There aren't any reagent tests that will test for alprazolam. There are some tests that will tell you if there is rohypnol in them and some of the Z drugs but not any that will confirm its real alprazolam. I wish there was I would love to have a test that could do that.
And their are some really good counterfeit Xanax available pressed with real alprazolam. So technically they are not fake they are counterfeits. Most of them are pressed in Canada. I have had some great quality ones. You just have to be careful because there are some that are pressed with etizolam or phenazepam or some other new RC or benzo analogues. You def don't want those lol

There are also OC 80's pressed with Fentynal. Which is one of the strongest opiates made and many people have died from them so please be careful.
Hi Undermedicated,

Well I did as you said, rubbed the side of it and the green came off and it's white underneath. The pill is very fresh, new looking.. These damn things could be real. Why would my vendor, who we have a great relationship, bother sending bogus samples that I didn't ask for? I mean if your going to send free samples to get new business, wouldn't you send the real thing. If someone was going to scam they would do that, send a few real samples and then if you order send the bogus product. My vendor has been around a long time, is well respected and not a scam. I don't know what to do with these, just a few of them. I'm not going to take them.

Oh, I have a lot of little test I developed to determine if there is real alprazolam in a pill. I can't how much, but I can tell if it's real or bogus. I started taking alprazolam because a doctor thought I needed them and prescibed them. Now I only take them because I am addicted and to keep the WDs away. If I thought in the past about buying bars, the ultimate test would to go 2-3 days without taking any alprazolam at all, take myself to withdrawal stage and take one... If it kicked in and the WDs stopped, they were good; if not they were bogus and I'd take a real alp out of my stock immediately to stop the WDs.. I would do water soluble test,  eye test, every tiny detail using a powerful magnifying glass. Even the best counterfeiters would have almost unnoticeable flaws somewhere if you looked close enough, be it in the imprints or corners or the bars. I'd try the hardness test I mentioned, the ones with chalk would be real hard, and I would let one dissolve in my mouth a little. I know the taste of alprazolam. Things like that, amateur stuff, but I always got it right if they were fake or had decent alprazolam in them.

Thanks and take care. I'm off here for the night.
Hey brother.... If you don't know what to do with those "samples"... You're in luck...

Just so happens, I have been "destroying" all un-wanted meds/samples for a few years.. So, as just a gesture to show loyalty... I'll be more than happy to help you out... This one time... Wink

A True Friend 
Freely Advises Justly 
Assists Readily, 
Adventures Boldly, 
Takes all Patiently,
Defends Courageously
Continues a Friend Unchangeably.

William Penn

I appreciate the offer Iceman. I don't want to put you through the trouble. I will..... dispose of them myself. =)

Thanks for the offer, Buddy!
We don't need no stinkin Zombies around hereSmile
Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence - Desiderata
I don't stink Pops. I am very hygienic. I shower at least twice a day, and keep myself very well groomed.... :-P
#19 admit to being a Zombie Tongue

(03-27-2016, 07:51 PM)Zander Wrote: I don't stink Pops. I am very hygienic. I shower at least twice a day, and keep myself very well groomed.... :-P

Does that make me ZopZter?
Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence - Desiderata
Yeah ZopZter, but I'm a clean Zombie.. You saw I take 2 showers a day... That's one more shower a day than you take in a month.... :-P

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