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Method to get benzos prescribed
Here you go Tigertail58.And welcome to yge board! Smile
(07-16-2017, 10:53 AM)Audrey Hepburn Wrote: Here you go Tigertail58.And welcome to yge board!  Smile

Thank you so much, wow I had no idea, it's crazy that they are so intrusive into our lives.  You know if they really were honest about it the most destructive 
substance from an abuse perspective is and nearly always has been Ethanol and there is no database for that in fact you can get it anywhere at almost anytime.
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never forget how you felt when someone was once cruel to you,
we all have felt unloved at one time or another we should never want another to feel that way. Smile
In the last few months things went to ok with benz to worse. Cut off city if you take pk's. So I just say don't even try if you take pk's. Work on getting a few prescribed once a year for emergencies and do what we all do best and find them on here. Doctors just don't care anymore even if it's actually needed. The few you get will ensure you can test positive for them if ever needed. Since apparently my doctor has had no problems putting me in "danger" for 7 years. Now he just can't do it since it's so "dangerous". What a joke our medical system has turned into.
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It sounds like you are referring to what's called prescription monitoring.  Search for ALL SCHEDULES PRESCRIPTION MONITORING.

Each state does it, and they can have different capabilities and rules.  The search term is the name that DEA is using for their programs to grant money to any state that wants to monitor Rx fills in all schedules, not just the C-2 scrips that those programs were limited to initially.

There is no blacklist.  Rules vary on who can access the info but anyone with prescribing authority for controlled subs can punch in your name and birthdate to get a list of your controlled sub fills in your state.  I don't know if it would be legal to do that for everyone who calls to make an appointment before they even have you there, which is maybe why you're calling it a blacklist.
(04-14-2017, 03:00 PM)dynalift Wrote: ...
Also, does anyone know if the prescription drug database is shared between states?...thinking of moving after graduation and wondering if my foray into sub treatment in this state will haunt me in another. I also worry now that I used a large chain store to fill these scripts it will follow me forever.

By that if you mean can a prescriber run your name in other states besides your own, the answer is No.  But there are always exceptions.  And they might be from local conditions of geography etc.

So I don't need to look it up to say that there surely is some way for prescribers to access are in say the tri-state area of NYC because so many people live in one state and work in a neighboring state between NY, NJ, and CT. And another would be DC, MD, and VA.

Go and look up your state's program and read it.  If there's anything in it you want to talk about, give us the quote from it.
"That" being what ? Livework ?

Just wondering which thing you are replying to .

Oh and you also should hit the welcome thread and introduce yourself, ya know that is true.

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I would suggest u listen to linville. Rule 1: hit the welcome thread.

Ok, i began my autoimmune adventures with graves syndrome. thyroid went too fast. my three sisters had slow thyroids. so my Doctor BIL, prescribed for me enough thyroid meds to make my heart go faster, for a 300 lb woman. Not a tiny little one as i am.

I have avoided heart attacks to date. Plan to keep it that way. I don't think u understand just how important your thyroid readings are. My God, normal readings are 4-8 usually. My readings were 0, yes, zero, because i was being given thyroid pills to speed up my system.

Armour cytomel is easily a death trap. they slaughter one animal and u get his thyroid. Dosaging is atrocious. They have better meds to keep ur thyroid running regularly now.

I hope to God u r not taking cytomel. Some people do it for weight loss. And, they do lose weight after the first heart attack.

Please, for the love of God, and of youself, get ur thyroid levels tested. See an endocrinologist.

Because, you think the doctors are fools. Most are. But, you are playing a very dangerous game of russian roulette with your heart. In lieu of a heart attack, i had a major stroke and two minor ones. Because my BIL was prescribing me thyroid meds, with my medical records in hand, stating i needed anti-thyroid meds.

This is way too dangerous. I am not judging you. I am trying to make u think about this.

The health system absolutely sux. Yes. So, we must oversee our own medical care. If i had suffered a heart attack, and all causative factors lead to a conclusion of thyroid meds, I would not take them again for anything. But, i have a son. I have a reason to live.

please, think this over. Do you have hashimotos disease? which in effect is a slow thyroid. Do u have graves syndrome which is a super fast thyroid?

Please find out. Maybe re think this.

My husband was dead in one minute from a massive coronary. One minute. Being an attorney I have read many a death certificate. I have never seen one state: from onset of symptoms until death: one minute.

your thyroid is an imperative part of your body. Wait, did u say u also own medical offices?

This is a very concerning post. We all strive our damndest to live. After a heart attack? Possibly anti thyroid meds would be scripted.

This is your life. Please take it as seriously as I do.
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I hate to sound like a jerk but "trying" for a specific type of med or class of them will get you nowhere. Actually having the issues that require those meds is the only way. Not having, but knowing what those issues are and having a good mouthpiece will work.  In any case knowledge of what you're looking for whether the symptoms are there or not is paramount.
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This thread, well, I say , if you have symptoms, or a great fake persona , yes you can get almost whatever you want, it will catch up with you in the end. I mean why fake a problem that keeps me from being a social person, to just get meds? idk, Its your life, up to you
your only as old as the last time you changed your mind !
Much like others have said - if you admit to buying benzos online the likely thing is that you'll get a the label of drug seeker/abuser on your docs notes forever, meaning you have a super low chance of ever getting controlled drugs prescribed again. Secondly your doc might refer to an addiction program where you'll probably just be switched to Diazepam and weaned down to nothing.

As for asking for stuff for sleep or anxiety you'll either get a tiny Z-drug script (think 5 tablets), Quetiapine or some TCA for sleep and for anxiety you'll get an SSRI + told to do counselling. Unless you find a doc who's loose with their prescribing of benzos (usually private psychiatrists) you won't get what you want for a long time, or if at all.

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