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Method to get benzos prescribed
LOL, Rev my dear...... You got Phent for "weight gain"?

I know it was a typo, but you made me smile!
Interesting take on the idea of keeping it in country
ehh very interesting but I could never see that working with the doctors here in my city....who knows though...? interesting post.

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Ive lived in 6 diff states over the years. It really does seem like some states have doctors that prescribe benzos and pks at alot higer mg and doses than certain other states. Just moved again in the last year and i notice a huge differance from what i could get prescribed before. I cant get much of anything where i live now even with mri reports and past anxiety issues that go back years.
I would not think it would be a good idea to tell a doctor to prescribe me the medicine i feel I need because I am going to get it anyway illegally. That just does not seem it would set right with a doctor. I am sure the DEA sends agents into doctors that prescribe a lot of a certain type of med. They are so strict now and Doctors and drug store alike do not like the DEA standing over their shoulder . The days of a doctor giving you want you fell you need are over I am afraid. Too many people have taken advantage. Thanks of listening

Regards Eddie
That is a ballsy way to go about getting your xanax prescribed. I don't know if that would work in my area, but I would for sure caution anyone against it for the fear of being put on the blacklist!
I'm just giving advice, not saying right or wrong, and absolutely no judgment from me. The way I got actually double bzos from my doc is honesty.. I've been through my share, not shopping, simply finding one who will listen and respect my input as well. My doc has been doing this for 5 yrs, I take 6mgs kpin for seizures, which I've been on for 15 yrs.. I still feel unprescribed on these. Anyway, I also have 4mg of xanax ER prescribed to me for the past 5 yrs, which is for my crippling anxiety and anger issues. Before that, I was repeatedly asked if I wanted IR xanax, but those hit too hard and leave u even worse off, unless they give u a script for an endless supply. So, now my brain doc who is an older guy, and has been seeing me for a long time, behind my back, told my pcp that I can't b on double bzos. Anyone on something like this knows this day will eventually come. So now I'm starting to ween off the ER Xanax, and the 1st month, they cut me from 4 to 2mg.. way too much. 1/4 -1/2mg per month ween is the correct way to do it. I've even read articles that the most dangerous drug in America today is klonopin??!!
Excuse me, really?? Not meth, not black tar, and not like fentanyl or methadone. It's a ridiculous crackdown on bzos that wasn't like this at all 10 yrs ago.
Anyway my friend.. my point is, if u really truly need Xs or some other med, speak from ur heart w ur doc. No need to bring up the way you get them now. Also, my other very important point is, ask for the ER type, they don't get u high, not like IRs anyway. I think if u do that with a reasonable doc, it shouldn't be an issue. Make sure to really let doc know how much this affliction is controlling your life and your decisions I'm guessing too. Tell doc no IR, that way he/her will take it more seriously. The IRs are more for the quick hard smack to the CNS. But it leaves u worse than you felt before as I mentioned already. If you say ER, they should think differently about it, though you never know, I'm not sure what part of the country/world you live in.
Good luck my friend
Regards to all, love ya D (Ironic right)lol!!
I've been on ben'z for many years now. Prescribed originally by a team on doctors and psychologists. They respected my rights to refuse anti depressants for treatment. Been really good about making sure I have my one before bed every night for maintenance. Just in the last few months my doctor who is a physicians assistant (they're the worst IMHO) started wanting to taper me down off of them. He said it was due to my pain meds and they could put me in danger and cause respiratory problems. The whole thing was ridiculous. I asked him so you've been willingly putting me in danger for years now? He honestly didn't know how to reply except to say it was a guideline. Where I argued that it was a the discretion of the clinician. Once again he wanted me to take anti depressants. I flat out said no and that he should read my chart before meeting with me so he knows what I went through to be on that therapy. He filled them and left it as is for now but said we would discuss it at my next appointment. I am not too thrilled about going to discuss it with a rookie who doesn't know anything about my medical history. Sad thing is how easy they are to get away from the traditional clinical settings. But I would much rather be taken care of locally that from somewhere else. Lets hope that goes over well for me next week.
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Good luck. Idiots with a tiny bit of alleged power work very hard to make our lives miserable. Let us know.
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I've noticed that it is a bad idea to over exaggerate symptoms. Doctors are not stupid (well some off them are...), and can usually spot someone trying to get something specific. Its obviously different if you have a history of being on a certain med or already have a diagnosis, but if you are trying to get a new prescription of something its best to just tell them whats going on without being over dramatic. I've heard of a lot of people who actually have anxiety, go to a dr trying to over play their anxiety and leave empty handed...
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