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No drug is easy to quit. But with the right support group and people around you then you can accomplish anything. It's scary to think about the pain they might go through. Out of all things they would have to kick this won't be so bad but the psychological dependency that will be difficult. I am getting to point we're I am done chasing the high to stay pain free. I've recently cut one med from my life for a temporary time. I feel somewhat better. It was more psychological to take it than physical. So that helped and I can relate to what your friend is going to go through. I wish them the bust of luck and be a strong support system for them.
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Yes, although it is a very mentally addictive drug because of the feeling it provides when used.

The upside is that unlike opiates or benzos there is really not much a withdrawal, maybe a bit of anger, depression, but you just have to learn to say no, because it is a drug that you cannot control the intake, even with opiates you get to a point and say well I can take this much an way 8 hours, which that drug you speak of, its strictly whatever you have your going to sit there and do it until its gone, so remove the contact, it in my opinion has worse addictions *immediately* than heroin, its just apples and oranges, they are both terrible, one you cant quit because you have to stop life for 7 days to get where you can function again, and another you cant buy some and think, well ill just do a little bit and save the rest for later. Its bad news....prayers send your way. just keep supporting him and tell him that it is not worth it, and he has all to live for but it will, with out a doubt make you homeless, steal from family, and he's on the right path by knowing its a problem, you need to call the dealer and tell him that you will turn him in if he continues to call. that's what I had to do, because they are like sharks, I wish I had better words but its that simple, but not simple at all if you know what I mean. ENCOURAGE HIM! And god bless you and it will pay off, pray about it if you have any faith, if not maybe research, how to get through it we have tons of helpful people here, its invaluable, Charon is an incredible person we haven't talked to much but I respect here so much, she cares about us, tough love is the best kind, and I respect that, reach out to her, humility is not a weakness its a strength. we can not do this on our own.
now that is a great post by you. u r contributing. i thank u.
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For any plan to work is gonna take user courage to quit with physical and psych dependence.I wish the user and his close support network luck and prayers.Anything is possible if you are willing to do it.
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