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Hi folks needing help, a good friend has told me today that he has a cr**k addiction this has really made my head fall off big time never expected this,is there any drugs  I can get to help him come off this any help would be much appreciated.Has anyone first hand experience dealing with this sort of thing think I'm out my depth with this one but really need to help him in any way I can thanks
stay strong ? and fight till the end.
ok, i once tried to look up the drug in question. was told by my firewall and anti virus that I did not have permission to ask what that is.

Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Thanks for editing my post Charon (sorry) any help via pm I would be much appreciated.
stay strong ? and fight till the end.
If i get time, I can research it tomorrow. I don't even know what it is, frankly.

But, I know its crushing ur world.

If anyone can help celticbhoy, in PM, please do so. (we are no longer totally private and google will pick up certain words.)
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Thank you Charon
stay strong ? and fight till the end.
My partner is back in hospital or else I would start researching now.

He may be on way home. But, i shall try tomorrow. But, if anyone knows, celticbhoy is a good person. Just PM him.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Not going to want to hear this, but cr**k addiction is a psychological addiction for the most part aside from the immediate effects. The mental and emotional obsessiveness are so intense that it appears to be a physical addiction when it really isn't. The "crash" is just a coming down and is complete hell.

Not really any drugs will help, although some treatment centers may use Gabapentin, Vigabatrin, Baclofen, and a couple of others. If your friend doesn't want to quit on his own, he won't unless incarcerated for a few weeks and that doesn't always get rid of the obsession.

If he is game and will go somewhere where it isn't available for a few days, benzos could help him be mellow through the panic and angst of not having using.

No pretty picture with this one, it is quit, go to jail, or die. He has to want to quit -- that is really the key.
Thanks ghostofjack I really think he wants to do this maybe that's why he came to me and told me his problem for me to help,there's only so much I can do he needs to do it himself really have got my fingers crossed on this one this guy is like a brother but I do feel this is way out my league.
stay strong ? and fight till the end.
I have seen people loose nice homes, family through divorce and being disowned because they didn’t want to quit.

ghostofjack hits the nail right on the head!

In house rehab and a strong will is his best chance IMHO
And then being surrounded by positive people who do not use!
Char I hope your roommate gets the helps he needs at the hospital and is ok.

Celticboy, any chance your friend would do an official rehab as recommended above?

I know $ and time away from work amd family are often barriers. But this could mean his life as I am sure you know, maybe you could convince him.

I would go with benzos, but the big concern is your friend could just end uo with 2 addictions.
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