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Legalizing MM
$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is there only interest
Sadly Monsanto recently bought General Hydroponics, which is used by novice growers and large commercial growers. Monsanto's is known for being corporate criminals that sell very the worst fertiliz. General Hydroponic 3 part Micro/Grow/Bloom might be pretty salty but that is what FloraKleen/ClearX is for when flushing during the final week. I know that Advanced Nutrients has at least 20 people with at least one PhD working for them, but GH is recommended for beginners as it is dummy proof. (Nectar of The Gods, Cutting Edge, Canna, House of Garden has a place for the more experienced) From what we have seen is that back in the late 90's early 2000's GH use to have more calcium and magnesium and other nutrients that they took out so they can sell each nutrient separately.
The new EL1-EL2 Gavita Master Controllers that have built in flip 12/12 for up to 40 ballast are the new "fad" as double ended bulbs such as top end Gavita set ups only actually put out between 8-12% more lumens then traditional HPS bulbs. (I have to know this because of my career in garden supply and hydroponic supply) I will always be a grower and have a love for horticulture, but sadly no matter what the state does the federal government is still knocking down doors over cannabis, and it will take major legislature to take MJ from off the schedule 1 list, which is the stem of the problem. Large investigations pay police which leads to judges, prosecutors, correctional officers, and then prisons making busting people big business. I do not know if we will ever see a states like Texas make MJ full on legal, as MJ is so taboo in those places until this day, you will be put under the jail for possession of enough to make CBD's in those heavily conservative states.
The federal government will not allow proper studies and published research like they have done with other medications, that can do more harm then good and or the FDA allow something with horrible side effects slide through. Then you do have Bhang Chocolates which has high end chocolates in the U.S. to crude like paste in India, but it is operated as a corporation. Publicly traded stocks that have to do with MJ are still to volatile. Only time will tell. As adults we do have a conscious voice though in the fight to fully decriminalize MJ, through our local elected officials. Where in the FIREARM community FIREARM enthusiast will get 100,000 signatures and fax the ATF 1000's of times to now outlaw the infamous M855 green tip armor piercing ammo? MJ activist need to be just as aggressive as Firearm owners but it is uphill as the NRA and Firearm enthusiast always play the 2nd amendment card.

I say all that as someone that lives with an autoimmune disorder and has witnessed the benefits of CBD's and it makes me shutter to see parents having to uproot there lives to move to Colorado to be able to properly treat their child's epilepsy.
                          ~Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it~
(04-25-2015, 03:58 AM)OrangeClay Wrote: This is my opinion & my opinion alone. I personally believe Alcohol should be banned and replaced with MJ.
The effects from ETOH.  
1) Domestic violence would be greatly reduced.
2) Liver disease aka cirrhosis, cancer, throat, larynx & esophageal cancer  (ETOH is the #1 cause of throat, larynx & esophageal cancer from heavy drinking)
3) Fetal alcohol syndrome
4) Alcohol abuse causes a condition called delirium tremers in which the person experiences mental confusion, extreme excitement, anxiety, trembling, rapid pulse and hallucinations.  (never seen that will MJ use)
5) Erectile dysfunction is common in men with alcohol problems
6) Alcohol is a toxin that damages the transmission of nerve impulses in the brain and nervous system. Chronic alcohol abuse causes organic damage that manifests itself both physically, psychologically and in the behavior of people affected.
7)Death/injuries from drunk driving.
8) Diabetes, Hypertension which leads to kidney failure.
9) Aggressive and grandiose behavior from ETOH, Impaired thinking.
10) Gateway Drug most teens start with ETOH.
11) The statistics are not good. About 14 million people in the United States abuse alcohol or are alcoholic, that's 1 in every 13 adults . Each year more than 100,000 Americans die of alcohol-related causes. Alcohol consumption is now the third leading cause of disease and injury worldwide.
Alcohol is the world's most dangerous drug when you consider the harm it does to drinkers, their friends and families and to society in general.
This, however, is not the full extent of the alcohol effects on the body.

old post but yep I see more ETOH accidents then with marijuana. Here where I live I deal with MANY patient that have cirrhosis of the lover from alcohol addiction.
(04-21-2015, 04:51 AM)OrangeClay Wrote: Coming to your state soon, once a few do it then they all will follow, big $$$ in it. The federal laws will change if majority of the states legalize it.

Will they release inmates, once it legal or will they be grandfathered in?

they will keep the inmates that broke the BS law at that time get the undercut state and federal contracts through inmate labor....welcome to the system! I did hear that business can still drug test and not employee even if the compassionate care is legal I may be wrong?
(06-10-2015, 06:30 PM)Charon Wrote: i have helped people get off drugs.  but, i never had success with alcohol addiction.

in fact, my mother, may she rest in peace, struggled with it until the last few months of her life.  she knew the codeine she was on (lung cancer, bone cancer, stage iv) did not interact well with her drinking.

people on alcohol get so mean.  people whom toke can take life more easily.

humble opinion and all.  and, i hear our jails r filled with people convicted of MJ useage.  

its a crying shame.
people may not realize how physically addicting alcohol is but here where I live I have never experienced such a high rate of alcoholism and many at a young age and yes I have seen people change when they drink. Here its all moonshine! Sad sight..
Totally agree with you ^^^. I belong to the site where they have petitions for things and i see parents on there trying to get mmj legalized in there state for their kid that has epilepsy and other health issues. I always sign them. You don't see people getting high and crashing into people or running them over. They usually drive slow lol.. Once a while back I got arrested for a little mmj and the cops even said they should legalize pot and become more strict with alcohol. Deaths related to alcohol and deaths related to mmj aren't even on the Same scale. I'm pro mmj and know people who have a mmj card for skin cancer and it helps him with so many other things. I've even used it to help with my anxiety.
Kdizz, I agree with what Orange clay said completely. It helps with so many medical issues, both physical and mental. Whereas alcohol causes depression, and sometimes agression. I couldn't smoke it. I'd have to eat it somehow. For medical purposes of course.

Sadly alcohol is so engrained in western culture its never going anywhere, even though its burden on the health services only gets bigger and bigger, a complete demon of a substance.
I feel very privileged to have access to medical marijuana. It is therapeutic in SO many ways. Everyone should have the option to use marijuana for health issues.
Businesses can absolutely still drug test for MMJ. Insurance reasons will see that it never stops I'd say, too.

I hope one day the bible belt loosens up. Sad to say, but it's going to take the old generation of politicians in the south to die off before I ever sniff MMJ. We may get 0% THC strains legalized for medical purposes, but that'd be it for now. Of course, I hope I'm wrong.

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