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Legalizing MM
Coming to your state soon, once a few do it then they all will follow, big $$$ in it. The federal laws will change if majority of the states legalize it.

Will they release inmates, once it legal or will they be grandfathered in?

" To open a shop is easy, to keep it open is an art"
good question OC. In my state, after much hoopla that it would be legal for autoimmunes and those end stage, while the governor had the bill to sign, he FIRST changed it.

now, you may only get a doctor script if you are at last three weeks of life.

Only five permits were issued to grow. And, no scripts will be out before 2016.

It takes so much to get the criminal system to release someone they put away. Would be awesome if they let loose the MOM users.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
in my state its legallized i am actually going to the doctor for it tomorrow.but we cant grow but i already have connections to a grow house bc it is hard to keep track of how much
plant produces.

i heard ins doesnt pay for it butit is a prescription. some states card allows you to grow 1- plants in your own house'
I lived in two legal states a few years back. Insurance did not pay the party whom received it.

It was 450 an oz which is pretty much what personal connections can charge one.

But, I was also informed, that if anyone, even just one house share person out of four, grows one plant in her room, then I must give back my hunting rifle. No weapons allowed or I believe the penalties rise to the felony level.

The more innocent among us, did not realize a plant was growing in that large house. (Thank God it died.)

Good Luck, Max. Let us know, please.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
This is my opinion & my opinion alone. I personally believe Alcohol should be banned and replaced with MJ.
The effects from ETOH.
1) Domestic violence would be greatly reduced.
2) Liver disease aka cirrhosis, cancer, throat, larynx & esophageal cancer (ETOH is the #1 cause of throat, larynx & esophageal cancer from heavy drinking)
3) Fetal alcohol syndrome
4) Alcohol abuse causes a condition called delirium tremers in which the person experiences mental confusion, extreme excitement, anxiety, trembling, rapid pulse and hallucinations. (never seen that will MJ use)
5) Erectile dysfunction is common in men with alcohol problems
6) Alcohol is a toxin that damages the transmission of nerve impulses in the brain and nervous system. Chronic alcohol abuse causes organic damage that manifests itself both physically, psychologically and in the behavior of people affected.
7)Death/injuries from drunk driving.
8) Diabetes, Hypertension which leads to kidney failure.
9) Aggressive and grandiose behavior from ETOH, Impaired thinking.
10) Gateway Drug most teens start with ETOH.
11) The statistics are not good. About 14 million people in the United States abuse alcohol or are alcoholic, that's 1 in every 13 adults . Each year more than 100,000 Americans die of alcohol-related causes. Alcohol consumption is now the third leading cause of disease and injury worldwide.
Alcohol is the world's most dangerous drug when you consider the harm it does to drinkers, their friends and families and to society in general.
This, however, is not the full extent of the alcohol effects on the body.

" To open a shop is easy, to keep it open is an art"
i believe the oils are the best (i heard edibles but never tried. and its hard to swallow food with certain ailments.) for pain and nausea.

apparently, my friends say the oil, even one drop, normalizes me. (i have a series of autoimmunes.)

too expensive right now.

and, my state screwed us. gotta wait till 2016. and, the end stages of life. pafooey. what does one do to eat and deal with pain in interim?

good for u. let us know.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Marinol has been around for decades, I'm sure many users were not aware that it's a man-made MJ tablet. Pharma name is: Dronabinol it's used to treat nausea and vomiting caused by cancer chemotherapy. It is usually used when other drugs to control nausea and vomiting have not been successful. Dronabinol is also used to treat loss of appetite and weight loss in patients with HIV infection. Dronabinol (also called THC) is a man-made form of the active natural substance in marijuana.

Being a natural substance, with it being legalized in some states, people can now get the relief from pain, glaucoma, seizures etc.

" To open a shop is easy, to keep it open is an art"
great info. i totally forgot about marinol. i still don't think my state would prescribe it for my mom. in 94.

but will certainly help many.

You are very wise.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
I agree with everything you said above OrangeClay. MJ should never have been made illegal in the first place. By doing so the jails are full of people who shouldn't be in there, creates criminals (some very rich one's) and wastes heaps of tax $$ and the polices time.

It's crazy how many other countries followed America's lead and made it illegal also. It's great that people are starting to wake up to the fact that it is a safe medicine and a good one at that.
i have helped people get off drugs. but, i never had success with alcohol addiction.

in fact, my mother, may she rest in peace, struggled with it until the last few months of her life. she knew the codeine she was on (lung cancer, bone cancer, stage iv) did not interact well with her drinking.

people on alcohol get so mean. people whom toke can take life more easily.

humble opinion and all. and, i hear our jails r filled with people convicted of MJ useage.

its a crying shame.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

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