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Thanks for the replies guys, will update when they arrive hopefully..
Hi Jok4r,

no nothing has arrived yet.
^ it will Smile
Still not heard anything and nothing arrived yet. Said he shipped on recently and mine was only a small order.
20-30 days is not rare with this vendor, so dont panic to soon. Wink
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OK thanks for that Kristof.
My order just arrived today, well packed. TMI. The other posts here have given me confidence so I will take one tonight and report back.
Packing IS excellent.

Almost exactly 30 days from order to receipt.  About what I expected.

Glad to hear yours made it through, bromster.
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-- Saint Basil

Just wanted to drop by and say Hi to everyone :-)

Thanks for all the positive feedback

Happy weekend to all!
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I was about to take the plunge until my preferred method of payment was no longer accepted Sad.

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