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I am currently waiting on two packs from MYles. He has come through for me twice before so I know he will again Smile Once I receive the first pack I will post for everyone.

And for those asking about his products . . . they are Roche brand meds but he does remove them from the blister. They don't arrive loose in a bag though like many vendors do.
Alright folks . . . my first pack has arrived. It took exactly 20 days from ship to my door! Nice, fresh 2mg Rivs Smile

Thank you MYles for coming through again. Fantastic, stealth packaging. Now awaiting pack #2!

Quite a few of you have asked how his meds come . . . if you would like to see a picture of why I don't consider them as being shipped 'loose,' please PM me and I will show you a picture.
thanks for the update MrChuckey. I think i am going through myles to subscribe to my two favorite magazines Smile
Oh, interestingly the pack I rec'd yesterday was the second one he mailed on 3/18. The pack he mailed on 3/16 still hasn't made it to me. Hope it didn't get nabbed but I'm not worried Smile
Just ordered, hopefully all goes smooth. Anyone have any info on how long shipping times would be to canada? Im excited

My second pack has arrived! MYles comes through again. Such stealth, yet simple, packaging.

Thank you MYles!!
How long from placement of order did it take for your second pack to arrive MrChuckey? if you don't mind me asking
1st piece mailed on 3/16 arrived today and the second piece that mailed on 3/18 is the one that arrived this past Tuesday (backwards, I know).

But, the first time I ordered it only took 9 days. The second time only 10 days. So it varies Smile
O thanks. so from the 16th of last month tho is 21 business days by my count and from the 18th is 19 days including saturdays?
Yes indeed Smile

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