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Hello Friends,

Will have a short holiday break, might not be able to reply to emails immediately due to limited internet access.  

Will be back on Monday.

Hoping pt.1 of my letter shows today MYles - will keep everyone else posted as well Smile It's been about 9 days so far.
Fingers crossed! keep us updated on received orders please
Thanks for introducing us to Myles, MrChuckey12 - And welcome, Myles...I expect to be in touch with you shortly!

- b2g
New stocks just in! Wishing everyone a great week ahead!
Mr. CHUCKEY, Did your order arrive? Give us the scoop.
Still waiting patiently. One time it took 9 days, the other time two weeks. It varies so much. I'll let you all know though!
Hi guys, quick question. Vitamins come blistered or loose?
Hi! Does anyone have any recent success from this vendor that they are willing to share? Or are there any senior members they have successfully used this vendor in the recent past?

Thank you!!

(03-28-2016, 01:27 PM)Mylesmeds Wrote: New stocks just in! Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

Thank you for the update! Without being specific, are your items as they appear in the photos? Are they in blister packs and the brand listed in the photo?

Thank you very mich!!!
As mentioned in another thread, Breacher and I are not able to make donations to this vendor via one of the two payment methods accepted.

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