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on line iop
Hi all I see this threads not been added to in ages and I'm not surprised from the research I've managed so far, they seem to have our needs but there pricing is off the charts by a long long long way! Stupendously so. Hope I've not said anything I shouldn't here Charon hope your well, love n respect to all.
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They all have made it easy to give orders so I take my dive with them these days. Those prices are not the best I've seen better around but they have  a flower that you cannot find it easy on IOP world . I hope I  will put some things in my drawer as well G.Elias.
I was on their site last few days but could not find the dee ache sea they have had in the past, have they stopped selling it, or is it hidden somewhere on the site?
Any advise most welcome by pm or in thread.
Looks like all sites who used to be able to prescribe online have now lost their court hearing thing and no longer are allowed to sell certain meds on its site.
another country. lets hope we all can live on sheer hope, a wing and a prayer.
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Read an interesting article on f3nt and these sythentic opiates, this is what is killing everything off (sorry no pun intended) for everyone else

edit: we just try to avoid words that will arouse g00gle. k?
Gent is a crazy epidemic and it's coming from China from what I understand being pressed it to pills, people buying kilos at a time for next to nothing and and making fake hydrostatic perks oxcees whatever just to make a buck, it's no longer a game, it's a good chance that if you don't know your supplier you can be seriously hurt.

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