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Add a local (on pc) photo from phots section?
Can I insert a local photo, one from my pc, to the "photo" section of the "Lounge"?  When I  try I can't find a "browse" type button, only a window that allows me to add url?

thanks, Spanky
It's not here?
our photographers will know. i don't recall as i don't have time much. but, far as i know, one clicks on the black "new reply: button.

do their message. at bottom of email or post, one is allowed to browse for a picture to put up.

i have a couple saved. i think i shall save them as for my eyes only.

but, if new reply button does not work, one of two things we shall learn: that admin of steel or one of our budding photographers will know the proper answer, OR, its possible its a glitch. we had some glitches a week or two back.

not of late.

just pick the testing area in suggestions corner, and try. and, someone with wisdom will come by. i have no pics saved but a couple, and i shall not put them up.

good luck.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
You are correct Charon ,you have to hit the black new reply to see the pic I posted.
Hit the NEW Reply Button and these click on Choose File and upload from your PC.
The only way to know how strong you are is to keep testing your limits.
bless both ur hearts for the help. i have done it. Just a tad bit under the weather and it gets tricky to recall.

thank u kenzyme and my steel.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

thank you all .

You are great members and friends, all the way !

 If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.
Linville and I have been discussing how to post a picture directly to the forum from your hard drive w/o using 3rd Party Hosting.
This is a Test. 

Using the "Attachments" utility, the result I get is shown below:

The Massive Binary Star and Developing Super Nova Eta Carinae
This is What Heaven Looks Like

Yay, it worked!. Glad I won't have to use a 3rd Party website to add pictures to my posts. Linville, are you getting this? Admin of Steel has solved our problem. Thanks Steel!

Da Boid
Good deal Raven !

Just a reminder Raven is to strip the metadata out of personal pictures if it is an issue

I had a poor memory on this one BlackBird sorry but now is refreshed again

Good job Raven !

 If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.
Isnt there a limit to how big a picture can be?

Cause that picture is HUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGEEEEEEEEEE! Big Grin Big Grin
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So live a life you will remember!

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