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ID requirements for scheduled meds
Chain pharmacies around here (Upstate NY) used to always ID me. I switched to a mom & pop pharmacy and they only did a few times. Their service is much better also. Picking up prescriptions is similar to buying alcohol, the big chains always want your ID. I recommend switching to a mom and pop store, it always feels nice supporting local businesses.
Off topic but why does a month (120)of usa roche kcut pins is near 800, when genuine swiss roche are under a dollar if you buy enough

Remember Rosary? ReaL swiss vals, served me every week then beat me. 100, 300, 750 no problem. They had
Mmj stuff i ate silently unaffected only to reaLize i was being served a CBD cancer block strains. Then they flew wit a lot of money from a lot of customers, their partner operation martling used same shipper but was supposedly unaffected. The worst is we would give 5 or 10 bucks to their fake orphanage in Philippines ,i would at least, because they play on my abandoning of Catholicism and i hoped this donation dig that they did gods work ( by selling tranquility) by Doing Gods Work every act of charity the reproted
(02-16-2016, 03:45 PM)BoomerB Wrote: Yeah riteaid is great, but my doc i guess has some kickback thing going with Walgreen's cuz that is the only place he will call into. Its not "what pharmacy do u want" it's "what Walgreen's is closest to you". I don't argue because he knows my history which would make a lot of other doctors put me on the prozac and piss off method :p

I heard Walgreen's had stopped taking medicaid a while back, thats gotta be a big chunk of change. They likely have some kind of affiliate program for phd's lol.

With the threat of lawsuits and ridiculous regulations these days, Doctors have become pretty worthless IMHO.

I bet those roche tabs don't cost over .10 ea to produce. FDA runs the show worldwide (or tries to), they were supposed to protect us, but now to me, they look more like competitors.
Sorry for any off topic stuff, I normally get pretty fired up over stuff like this, I’m let you guys off easy and wont be completing this novel, lol. best to you...
It is interesting that one of the Walgreen heirs has been in and out of rehab a few times when he was younger. Another female family member (also fairly young) was raising pigs in the front lawn of the family estate in Lake Forest, Il. The town finally won and she had to lose the pigs.
CVS was one of the best. Recently it's gotten terrible. The pharmacists (actually it's really just this one little mean woman) LOVE that they have some type of power over you. I make them count the medication in front of me now. One month they shorted me 30ct kpins (thank the Lord I counted them, as the bottle felt very light, and I never count). They make me wait 31 days for a 30 day kpin script, every months it's a battle with them, trying to be as polite as possible letting them know that not EVERY month has 30 days. They just assume this and then schedule it incorrectly and I'll have to wake up to no medication.
My insurance also fill non-controlled Meds after 22-23 days on a 30 day script. It was never an issue, it would get filled after about 25 days automatically. Now they hold it 28, sometimes 29 days, and I will need to call. I had my insurance call them one time and the pharmacist basically said I have the power to hold for as long as I want. Needless to say I changed pharmacies. My Dr. got a kick out of the fact that they called her complaining that I am not taking my medication properly since I am trying to fill it when the insurance says it's ok too. Not too mention I get e-mails and texts saying it's ready to fill, so I put it in, and I'll get a nasty call saying that I'm trying to fill too early. My Dr. basically laughed and said that you get kpins and yet they called her about a non-control. She just suggested to change pharmacies.

Sorry to get off topic. I always get carded though for controls, and this is at a place I had been at for many years. But it's a larger pharmacy.
(04-28-2017, 04:02 AM)mboxfrogger Wrote:
(02-08-2016, 05:40 PM)BoomerB Wrote: Ok so i get 3 rxs from the shrink monthly- 2 he calls in, and it has to be his preferred chain pharmacy. Zoloft and klonopin- a sched 4 or 5 and a nothing. Walgreen's absolutely cards me every time, to the point i had to go 2 weeks without filling cuz my license was expired. But another chain where i bring adderall (sched 2 highest level u can rx, must be on hi security rx pad so he can't call) has never carded me. Ever, 2 locations.

Walgreens is like Berlin 1933, i wish he would write all 3. I called to confirm the readiness of the klonopin yesterday (feb 7) and the woman gets real snotty "you can't fill those you just got them the 8th". Well ma'am its the 8th tomorrow, and the guy there this morning said that's when i can pick up. She get s all huffy " ugg let me LOOK" sure enough ready today.

Thats another difference, riteaid lets me fill the adderall like 4 days before 30 but Walgreens only lets you pick up a day or 2 early. Anyone actually know the laws? Connecticut specifically

Read a pharmacist forum sometimes. Have a trank ready cuz u WILL get mad at these power hungry drug denying douches. I would almost rather do the iop thing just to skip the hassle, but that's a step backwards. According to the law anyway. I skipped my apt one month, when i come back he asks how i went a month no benzos. "Well doc i hopped online got 120mg from your homeland". He was mildly amused if anything.... And he is the one in charge of my health care, not some 6 month mail order degree pharmtech.

i've heard the general rule of thumb is an average of 3 days before, but i think the jurisdiction falls to the pharmacists. fun fact: concerning scheduled drugs, pharmacists have the legal right to lie and/or refuse service. i used to take a fairly rare ADHD med and i lived in a sizable city, trying to call ahead, (i've gotten 'we aren't allow to tell you whether or not we ave it over the phone') so 70% of the time you're running around like a head with it's chicken cut off to pharmacies that will neither confirm or deny they have what you need. second fun fact: since i switched to the more addictive form of the medication i can practically get it anywhere... fucking pigs, plebes and people who are so terrified you actually might enjoy any medicine they sell (except deadly opiates, barbitutes, benzodiazepines, scary antidepressants, stay hard pills, and other big blockbuster money makers and so on and so on and so on

mboxfrogger-I could not have put it better myself.  Case in point would get 3 months worth of truly dangerous SSRI meds no questions asked (other than "will that be insurance or cc sir?").  30 Benzos and they want photo id and a retina scan (j/k) but it is going to happen.  What puzzles me is I can drive to a liquor store and they would help me put a crate in my car no problem.

Pharmacist forums are very insulting-but I have seen some of the crap they deal with so who knows they probably do not liked being lied to.

Life will go on-until the biometric scans of course Smile

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