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Database for LL's
(06-26-2016, 05:50 AM)WhichBlair Wrote: This is an older thread, but seems like the right place to ask this. I can't get a good fix on whether an addresses is "burned" if a LL is sent to it? If I get a LL, am I more likely to get more if I place more orders from various IOPs (Lets assume that the magazines are sent in a appropriately professional manner). 


The answer is almost certainly "no". Countless of us have received LL's over the years but still had a 95-98% success rate (typically with reliable vendors). People say changing the shipping name doesn't change anything, but it can't hurt. This is for US customs, not sure how it is with Canadian, because I had a letter routed through there during some winter storm once and got an LL stating that "The recipient" would be recorded.
So much oversight yet @G Holder allows water pistols to go missing across the border. Sad, sad world we live in.
I just mention this in another thread but I have between 15 and 20 L LS and I have not been flagged by any means whether that be domestic or International, I think they would if they could but they certainly do just not have the resources there are too many people to try and keep track of there may be one FBI agent for every 575,000 people if you're only ordering a couple hundred tabs then they definitely don't have you in the budget for prosecuting. Just don't be ordering things that are making you uncomfortable because you're the only one that will be uncomfortable with it I would keep it add a couple hundred at best and if you feel like ordering more than that then split it up into a couple packages.
(01-20-2016, 03:33 PM)Grandote Wrote: The future is ordering through the dark net from a domestic supplier. Then no worries about LL's or customs. I haven't ordered anything sketchy from overseas in quite a while and have not had a bit of trouble. I think they are cracking down even more which is why we have to be ahead of the curve
Completely agree, with the future only getting tighter restrictions, it is apparent that we will have to avoid certain types of shipping for 90 percent success rate. Although i think it is a bit far off, the millions of packages coming thru daily will still make it difficult to intercept many of them. It’s aleays a risky venture when you are on this side.

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