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Database for LL's
And another LL!!, makes no sense receive and then another. That is 3 in less a month. Taking a break until I figure something out. BE CAREFUL ALL! And this really sux again! Angry
(01-20-2016, 04:11 AM)Flippity Wrote: This is the age old question that (more than likely) most if not all of us have wondered.

Is it a possibility that customs have become more vigilant? I have also received an LL. Ironically, my situation/ history is much like yours.
I'm still trying to make sense out of my current LL. What I ordered, wasn't what was listed.
There was a question asked about fake LL's in another thread. Perhaps you could go there and verify or help with answers - since you have had 2 packages nabbed.
When I have enough energy, I'll be searching the net for my own piece of mind.. or what's left of it. Wink
I'm offered a reship (part of what I've lost). I'm not sure whether or not to hold back, or let them go ahead and reship.
And a reship to a different address is probably the way I'm going to go....
** a refund would be nice.

Yep and sometimes depends how lock down they are for a few months then you get flagged with that addy sometimes as well. Hate that
(01-22-2016, 07:34 AM)Cricket Wrote:
(01-21-2016, 09:09 PM)hooper Wrote: Skipper,
    I hope you're right on the odds being low but after contacting both companies one already started with the reship.  You've got to figure they have a damn good idea when things aren't flowing right.  

    I did the dark web through silk road.  Nothing but a few hundred valium and it was great.  You could pick a foreign or domestic supplier.  I always went domestic and it was flawless until it got shut down.  Now I'm on testosterone replacement therapy and I'm simply not going to pay a doctor $600 a year plus $500 a year for prefilled syringes.  I can do it myself with pharmaceutical grade test for $120 a year.  I can get everything domestically but it is either not pharmaceutical or it is over priced.  I watched a national geographic show on the customs area of LAX.  It was so easy to see ampules coming through it's scary.  There seems to be a bit more recognition of the opiate situation in the US that it makes me wonder if anything in an ampule is getting flagged.  Whatever the reason it's hard to believe I could be this unlucky.  I'll post when I get the LL's or the packages.

Hooper, just out of curiosity, are you going with the express shipping?  I have been told by a vendor that those packages draw more attention than reg. mail. The only LL I ever got was the 1st. time I went with express shipping. Knock on wood, all of my reg. mail orders have come in with no problems.
It could also be because of where your orders are coming from and if packaging is not good.

I hope everything comes in for you and no more of the dreaded LL's.
Best of luck.


Yes it was express shipping with tracking.  I also wonder if checking the tracking number sets off alarms.  It basically is express, goes through customs and then is turned over to usps.  I never put in my email or phone number to send updates on the shipment but I do check it online which would probably lead to my ip address.  I would use a proxy like tor but I've heard that does set off some type of alarm.  Could be misinformation but that is what I do.
This is the equivalent to their database with that being said if you get a controlled delivery you're going to be on some sort of list.

Never had issues with express packs but have 2 right now sitting in customs. Normally out in a day :/
Thanks for the link. Interesting seeing what they are after but I have a hard time believing that is the full list of seizures. If it is the odds of me losing 2 in a 3 day window are so low my address must be tagged. I couldn't find either of my packages in the list and both cities were on your list. I figure I should be getting the letters in the next 3-4 weeks. Appreciate the info.
I would be very surprised if they did not have some sort of searchable database, at least with recent data.
selfless-desires interesting reading.
Glad you enjoyed sudsy. They update that list constantly and some put in the previous and subsequent PDFs. So you have to be diligent and check often to keep proper records for research. Something I'm quite sufficient at these days. There is no rhyme or reason when they inspect. Unless of course there's an operation going on that day. It's completely random. Most everything you get shipped doesn't get checked more than a eye test. Maybe they feel it. The way most packs come they wouldn't be able to put the items back if they opened it regardless of what the contents.

Grandnote hard to say the future is domestic and darkweb. Honestly I think it's more simply sophistication and education of encryption. Sure on a more illicit scale things may swing that way. But I feel the big vendors will simply always be emailers maybe with some darkness tied in. Always found the best in stealth, diversity, price, quality, security and reliability through emailers from any media.

It is all about the network and reshippers are nothing new. Most everyone I already use has a domestic option except for a few iops. They just all cost more. It's all a trade off. Hell it's business.
This is an older thread, but seems like the right place to ask this. I can't get a good fix on whether an addresses is "burned" if a LL is sent to it? If I get a LL, am I more likely to get more if I place more orders from various IOPs (Lets assume that the magazines are sent in a appropriately professional manner). 

So much oversight yet @G Holder allows water pistols to go missing across the border. Sad, sad world we live in.

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