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A possibility
Remember the thread Audrey Hepburn started in the blacklist area titled "The Old Airmail Group"...
Then the 4th Reply by Harley is a copy and paste from sitejabber by an angry ex AMG employee...
Well in that guys rant he mentions and says they sell 'real generics' 
Also, bodycarepills is still up and running and the login screen is familiar.

Any thoughts?
Hi IS,
It does look familiar, but I tried my old log in info but it did not work.
Even if it did I would be very hesitant to order anything with what has happened in the last couple of years.
Did you get into the site?
Hey Audrey.
I contacted the site admin quite some time ago by guessing their email address. (I'm sure you could guess it too)
Anyway, they replied telling that if I could show proof of transactions with the previous site(s) along with ID I may be allowed to log in.
I told them I couldn't provide proof of old transactions as the old sites had gone.
That's as far as it went.
Between scripts and bank statements I probably could get enough 'evidence' of previous transactions...however sending like a scan of my passport or something, it didn't feel 'safe'
Yeah, I agree. And THEY didn't contact US like last time, so I don't trust it. It's a shame.
Thanks, IS. I also tried, but like Audrey, neither of my emails are recognised.   Odd, if they really are related to the old guys, as I used several of the sites over many years.  I think I heard somewhere that they were not setting up in the UK yet anyway, and so that would rule me out.
hi I am a new to this forum and I did email them and all of my old info was there. I am on the phone with them now. I'll let you know how it goes
They are still - the old airmailchemist
I ordered a few months ago. The order was shipped but never received it. Waited a couple of months and placed another small order. It was confiscated by customs. Finally they made me an offer of $50 off each order until I recouped my losses. Thought it was a good offer but when I've emailed them multiple times and no answer. They may be shutting down again. Happens every couple of years.
Unfortunately this thread is a dead end.
I started it almost 2 years ago and AMC are well and truly gone.
Good luck anyway folks.

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