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Forum being private
(01-12-2016, 07:43 PM)Charon Wrote: me, also, playa.  

and, to boot, my package was nabbed by customs.


let's hope everything gets back, not to normal, but to much better than normal.

i am weary of being the downtrodden.  LOL.

Sorry to hear that Charon. After many lucky years I broke my LL cherry in the worst way possible these last few months. So know that you are not alone. As far as privacy goes, I could go either way. I understand because seizure rates are getting ridiculous, and a lot of new members are asking for very obvious things to be spelled out that take very little common sense to understand. I also have been afraid that we are so familiar with each other (all of us) that we might be making things easy on uncle Don. It is hard, but I love this place and I simply do not have the time to post nearly a much as some newbies who literally post like its their job, seem totally knowledgeable, and then blatantly break rules. People are flooding on and showing no respect for the rules or what you built, and we seem to be paying a price. As far as vendors go, the ones we prize the most have to stop taking customers or be moved to 150 plus threads to protect themselves. So as much as I want to be an all inclusive, I vote for privacy.

P.S. My post count stopped going up, fix it now! Jokes, Ivor can wait, take care of yourselves, you have all always taken great care of me, and I know things will be fixed eventually.
P.P.S.That is another thing that doesn't make me worry about this site losing vendors, they in general know when they find a customer from here they are loyal, respectful, and not stupid or impetuous. And if a vendor is that money hungry I am personally not in a hurry to work with them. Okay I am done now. Good luck all.
"You Told Me Again You Preferred Handsome Men, But For Me You Would Make an Exception..." -Leonard Cohen "Chelsea Hotel"

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