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Natural aid to improve sleep quality?
(04-25-2019, 10:13 AM)honstym Wrote: Have u tried a real decent workout?

i do a decent workout in the morning, no time during the week to workout PM due to work schedule. In the evenings it is hard to "quiet" my mind which is a large part of relaxation and falling asleep.
I think you need to time the workout right, if you do it too late you might have even more problems sleeping because exercise produces hormones like cortisol which keep you alert. Also the bright lights in my gym are not great. I try to keep activity down three hours before I plan to go to sleep.
Things that work naturally for a fact: Running at least 2 hours before bed or earlier. Valerian Root, maybe other herbal teas mixed in. Tonics of Magnesium or Ashwaganda Root extract. I find these to work the best for OTC sleep.
" The Intuitive Mind Is a Sacred Gift and the Rational Mind Is a Faithful Servant " AE
As a long term insomniac, I have tried every remedy that is out there, prescription and OTC. So far, I have found nothing that works for me except prescription sleep medicines and MM. I would like to find something better but so far, no luck. My latest was tart cherry supplements which did nothing for my sleep. So, am stuck with limited options since I don't think this problem will ever go away. Been an insomniac for many years and just live with it.

Sleep is so important to health, it can't be overstated. It's also a medical condition that is widely overlooked. I hope that some company develops a safe and effective remedy that can be taken over the long term without the side effects of what is out there now. Given the large number of people with this issue, why haven't drug companies come up with something?
I have rediscovered melatonin. I tried it in the past and it gave me nightmarish dreams, but now realized the dosage was off. I bought a bottle of 1mg and will split it half or quarters and it works well for me. Any dosage higher than that and the weird dreams kick in. Benedryl always works, unless used nightly, so it's used sparingly. Mj works well in the higher CBD ratios, but it doesn't get me all the way through the night. I start my workout regimen TODAY, really I am!! Hope it can re-balance the ups and downs up my life. Logging off now and it's off to the elliptical trainer Smile

Good luck at the gym MoJim! I've taken a 6 month hiatus from the gym and I've def noticed my sleep quality suffering. thanks for motivating me so start (next week LOL)
I use One L-Tryptophan 500mg, one or two 5mg Melatonin, (I'm a little heavy) and one or two 5 HTP a Serotonin like OTC that doubles the effectiveness of the Melatonin.
Read where only 3mg of Melatonin is enough, but I get better results with 2, probably cause of weight. If this does not work and I have to get to sleep for that 12 hour day with 2 of drive time, talk to doctor about Trazodone 50mg. That does the trick if all the other don't. Good luck
phenibut is a legal gaba effecting powder that u can find in supplement stores, the stuff is super strong too, Idk how it's over the counter
Magnesium always relaxes me at night and aids quality sleep. Helps relax my muscles and works synergistically with supplements like Theanine and Ashwaganda.
(10-13-2019, 07:09 PM)irie311 Wrote: phenibut is a legal gaba effecting powder that u can find in supplement stores, the stuff is super strong too,  Idk how it's over the counter

In many countries it is RX . Never tried it.  It is worth it ? or can be as addictive as Benzes ? thanks

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