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Natural aid to improve sleep quality?
I have found something new that seems to work very well. I hesitate to name it since it will invite ridicule and censure. In a week or two if it keeps working I will reveal the new sleep aid. Some things work for a while and then stop so I want to be sure.
Grandote, now I am most curious!
I don't want to send people barking up the wrong tree simply because I had a strong placebo effect from something. So I'm testing it out further. So far so good. You will be very surprised when you hear what it is. More details in perhaps a week. I'm very pleased but placebo can kill or cure so don't underestimate it. OK, maybe by this weekend if I convince myself its still working. Its not new just overlooked.
OK, I'm going to reveal the secret a little early so that others can enjoy. It still is working so I think its real. My secret is I'm using H. Yes, the big H. I don't inject it, only just sniff it so its ok. Works great. I've been hooked on H for close to 2 weeks now.

H is of course the universal symbol for hydrogen. You know, the lighter than air gas which is essential for life. No, I'm not kidding, I told you people would be surprised when I revealed it. It sounds preposterous I know, even the "other" h would be less unlikely sounding.

Here is an article about an experiment using it. It seems h is a great antioxidant. It cleans up the dangerous free radicals which cause inflammation, promote cancer and aging.

Do a search on hydrogen therapy, I would add -peroxide to your search or you get tons of articles on hydrogen peroxide. Its supposed to help prevent cancer and maybe cure it. It sounds too good to be true but unlike the old saying, it is true.

For me what it does mainly is improve sleep a lot. It does a little for sleep induction but a lot for sleep maintenance. Many of us can get to sleep, perhaps with a pill or naturally but then we waken in the night perhaps unable to get back to sleep. Taking something stronger to last all night means you are doped up and foggy in the morning and perhaps all day. Pick your poison, no sleep or doped up. But with this I sleep all night and in the morning I have to fight off the temptation to sleep late and catch up on past bad nights. Now that I don't have bad nights I don't need to do that. I can even nap during the day which I never could before. I was getting too much sleep for a while and had to use discipline to get up when I should.

OK, now that I have your attention and perhaps your interest, your next question will how do I get some of this wonderful stuff, how do I use it and what does it cost. Stay tuned for part 2, the supply problem solved. In the meantime ask any questions you may have.
No doubt it sounds like a fad or something. Thats one reason I held off on reporting my results, to make sure it was real. Here are some more links to info on hydrogen use. I will also discuss ways to use it

Here is a govt study on lung disease and hydrogen

Here is a link with many links to studies

It is claimed that H will slow or stop progression of parkinson's disease, atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries), help with brain injuries, joint pain, complications of diabetes and many other things. Its a selective anti oxidant which stops the dangerous free radicals but not the low level radicals we need for health like nitric oxide and others.

I don't know if its making me healthier or not, it may take a while maybe a long time to see all the benefits. I started using it on faith based on studies and other people's reports. For me the main benefit is improved sleep. It also seems to improve my mood, I notice a difference right away after using h. They say its good for joint pain, my arthritis has not been bothering me much lately. I can't swear its the h and can't say if its a permanent improvement or not but I'm feeling better.

Now, people want to know how to get this gas, how to use it, what is the dose, and is it dangerous? I don't have all the answers but as for danger, do not use an open flame right over the gas. That is common sense. If you have a tank of h, that is great but don't hook up a mask so you are breathing it straight. You need oxygen too and any gas be it nitrogen, helium, nitrous, etc can suffocate you if you aren't getting any O. Mostly common sense.

Now, how to get it and use it. The two main ways to use it are hydrogen water and breathing the gas. You don't need a whole lot of gas. I make my own and perhaps 10 cubic inches will do the job. It seems you can't overdose on it with the exception that you do need some oxygen or air now and then. You can buy h water but its expensive. It has maybe 2ppm dissolved in it. You can make your own h water using magnesium sticks and a mild acid like malic acid. They sell kits. Or you can make your own gas like I do using water in a process called electrolysis. I use a 12v battery charger, a glass to collect the h, a tub to put it in and some stainless steel wire for electrodes plus an electrolyte to make the current flow. Baking soda will work in a pinch. More details later if anyone is interested in the DIY system or has other questions. I would like to see if anyone is interested before spending a lot more time on it. If no one is, then the info is there and its not my fault if people don't look into it.
Really interesting GD. Thanks for sharing.

I sleep ok but am most interested in all the other potential bebefits, such as staving off Parkinsons. Amaz*n has some products.

Will definately be reading up on this. Lots of interesting links.

You scared me when I first read it was H! Lol, good one.
Hi Fireplaces, did you like my little joke?

I'm still using it, sleep is ok, not as great as when I first started. It seems its not the cure all for insomnia but still seems to work. Joint pain seems less, I'm still not sure if I can give h the credit though its said to be good for that. If I walk too much I still feel it the next day though have not had any really bad days.

They make hydrogen generators to use in souping up cars. Its supposed to improve mileage and performance. Not sure about that but its an industry now so must be something to it. You can buy one, a non medical h generator for about $70. It will likely produce way more than you can use.

Its supposed to improve cognition, especially in the elderly. Helps with lung issues, arteries and some other things.

When you think about it, h is vital to life. Hydrogen is found in all parts of the body, not just in water but in proteins and even in dna. I doubt there is a single tissue that doesn't have it. So it is not a great stretch of the imagination that it would be helpful to have some extra in pure form. Its effect on stopping free radicals has been proven over and over. I've heard it reduces inflammation and gives extra energy after you've been using it a while. People usually drink the h water but its expensive and using magnesium and acid to produce h water means you are drinking the left over mg and whatever acid you are using. I prefer to use gas because its more pure. You can put the gas in a bottle with distilled water and it will absorb it to make your own h water.

I haven't put any real money into it and its working so I will keep on. It may take a few months to see more benefits. One guy whose report I read said he could not sleep more than about 5 hours a night and was taking naps during the day. It seemed to help me sleep but now I wake up after 6 or 7 hours and sometimes take a nap. I used to not be able to nap but now I can. So far so good.
The hydrogen is still working, I want to mention a couple things I found recently that seem to work

I got some clary sage essential oil. This has a long list of benefits and among them are sedative, antidepressant, calms nerves and is even euphoriant. Its supposed to help you sleep. I tried some and got a very noticeable sedative effect. I only used a little bit and if you get some be sure not to over do it. The smell is not bad, people use it as a natural deodorant but a little goes a long way. I put just a small dab on my chest compared to 5 or 6 dabs of peppermint oil I might use to clear my sinuses and I could smell the sage for a long time. It definitely works for me. I will see tonight how it affects my sleep.

Another one I just heard about is sandlewood oil. This one smells great and is supposed to be good against insomnia as well. Long as I'm on the subject, lavender oil is a good one. You don't have to be as careful not to use too much though you can certainly use too much. Its also calming like clary sage, has a nice lavender scent (of course) and helps with sleep and to calm the nerves. Essential oils can help with itching, sleep, give energy and do many other things. But I don't want to get off topic too much.
Wow Grandote, you the man! Muchas Gracias!

I am very interested in trying the hydrogen therapy. Or the H as you so lovingly called it. How relieved I was when you revealed after only a couple sentences that "H" was not what we all feared it was. Good joke, especially on a drug forum. You really had me going because I have a good friend who is clean now, though still struggling to get back on his feet, that started dabbling with that sh*t for that very same reason, a sleep aid par excellence.

I figured for sampling purposes I'd go with on of the easier methods you mentioned. But I quickly learned that ease of you comes with a hefty price tag. The Active H2 goes for $60, and other comparative products for even more.

Could you not just drink a little food grade hydrogen peroxide and receive the same benefits as the gas? I'm assuming not, otherwise that would have been mentioned in one of the articles you cited.

I did find this product, which goes for $12.95 on Amazon called MaxH2 Performance Complex. They claim to have a patented process that took 30 years to perfect which claims to make stable hydrogen available in capsule form that you simply swallow and not dissolve in a glass of water, which makes me skeptical. Here's the link:

It seems, as Grandote alluded to, making the gas oneself is to date the preferable method of obtaining H2. Grandote, do you care to share more info on exactly how to do this? I found this vid (9min 27sec) along with several more on YouTube:  

And this one (1min 56sec) show a quick and easy way but probable not able to produce enough for hydrogen therapy but pretty cool none the less:

Oh and thanks for the essential oils tip too. I think I dismissed them too soon and for the wrong reasons. It's been years now, but at one time it seemed like everyone in their mother was wanting me to join their essential oils pyramid marketing scheme. I think it's time I give them a second look.
I use an upside down drinking glass to catch the h I produce. I use a plastic gallon jug I cut the top off as a container for the solution. I use filtered ro water because if you use tap water it forms brown junk in the solution. I will use distilled soon. I put potassium hydroxide in the water to help the current flow, its called an electrolyte. You could use a little bit of lye to do the same thing. For electrodes I used stainless steel wire. You can buy it cheap many places, ebay, etc. Platinum is better but costs a bunch. I use a 12v battery charger for the current and that seems plenty. The negative electrode is the one that produces hydrogen and the positive produces oxygen. Don't drink the water.

I catch the h in the upside down glass, holding it carefully upside down, I put a disc of plastic (could be paper or anything) over the bottom. It has a 1/4" hole in it through which I put a straw. I take a sip of h, take in a big breath behind it and hold. I can feel a buzz from it. Oh oh, charon will not like hearing that. I'm on thin ice since its not a pill or powder anyway. And sniffing something is looked down on. But its true, I get a feeling a bit like hyperventilating feels. I can tell how much hydrogen is left by how much buzz I feel. You can get the same or more by actually hyperventilating so its not something the kids will go nuts over.

My sleep has been better, my arthritis seems better too. I keep wondering if its all placebo effect but long as it works I will keep trying it. I set up the stuff at about noon, by 10pm my 24 oz glass is full and I can have some snorts whenever I want. My mood has been good, now if my memory would just come back that would be great. They say it helps cognition, I'm still waiting on that.

They have hydrogen generators on ebay for cheap. If you get a medical h generator you will pay tru da nose for it, as they say in jersey. The cheapest one I saw was about $390, another one was $600 and looked like the same thing. They decide how rich you are before telling you the price I think.

You can get magnesium sticks or powder. Some people prefer to mix mg with malic acid which releases h bubbles some of which dissolve in the water. But then you have to drink all that junk. Some people prefer it that way because breathing gas is too much like huffing glue. No really, people have told me that. Dont drink any water that has lye in it or strong chemicals. You could try adding a little lemon juice if you wanted to drink the water instead of breathing gas like a kid huffing glue, lol. They have a device on ebay for about $40 that claims to do just that. Made in china of course.

I was skeptical of oils and aromatherapy for a long time myself. It sounded too much like homeopathy which says the more diluted it is the stronger it is even if there is none of the original substance left. I don't think so. Lavender oil is calming, tea tree oil stops itches very well, peppermint oil clears my sinuses and I dont even have to use the neti pot every day now. Other oils do various things, help your skin etc and you don't have to eat them, just put some on your body and breath the scent. Ooops, now I'm promoting snorting drugs again. Bad boy. If you use oils start with a very small amount.

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