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Photographs Thread

INGO & POLDI. An odd couple indeed! I wish more people appreciated both the high level of intelligence, and the capacity for love, that animals possess.

Great Post. Thanks.

[Image: tumblr_nl50vciD2v1tc258so7_r2_1280.png]

A miracle is what seems impossible But happens anyway !
"Most Dangerous Hike in the World"

Mt Huashan is one of China's five great mountains.

Monks, nuns and pilgrims made a network of stairs and trails leading to the mountain's peaks.

[Image: hiking-trail-huashan-mountain-china-12.jpg]

No exact numbers, but Mt. Huashan "kidnaps" about 100 human lives per year...

[Image: hiking-trail-huashan-mountain-china-8.jpg]

[Image: hiking-trail-huashan-mountain-china-15.jpg]
  Whoa - watch your step!                "One step at a time"

[Image: hiking-trail-huashan-mountain-china-1.jpg]

They reinforced the trails after they became more popular with tourists.

[Image: hiking-trail-huashan-mountain-china-18.jpg]

Local people carved stairs into the mountain in some areas.

[Image: hiking-trail-huashan-mountain-china-5.jpg]

Only iron chains to secure yourself in some areas...

[Image: hiking-trail-huashan-mountain-china-2.jpg]

[Image: hiking-trail-huashan-mountain-china-16.jpg]

The EASY Part!     

[Image: hiking-trail-huashan-mountain-china-17.jpg]

If you need a break, rest at this Chess pavilion:

[Image: hiking-trail-huashan-mountain-china-14.jpg]


[Image: %E7%85%A7%E7%89%87-279540.jpg]

Mount Huashan, Chin, manages to scare us just with photos.
In the second century BC, this place was a major religious center when the base of Daoist temple was built.
Since then, pilgrims, monks and nuns began to populate the mountain and surroundings.

Access to the five peaks of the mountain (each with important religious significance) is achieved by a network of narrow paths built of wood and stone.

On one of the three peaks there is a tea house that, like the rest of establishments here is important from a religious point of view.

In recent years, due to a large influx of tourists, paths have been restored or enhanced, but even so it is still a very dangerous path.
Although there are no official statistics on deaths here, they say that every year, Mount Huashan “kidnaps” about 100 human lives.


I would probably have tried this if had opportunity, when I was young my DH and I loved to rock climb....

Source:  Discovery Zone
Great Post Dancing Wolf, thank you for it.

A miracle is what seems impossible But happens anyway !
Flowers for the first day of Spring:
[Image: 2bGteX0.jpg][Image: spring-flowers-3254.jpg][Image: spring_flowers_from_the_garden-normal.jpg][Image: b_young-spring-flowers.jpg][Image: Free_Download_spring_flower.png][Image: 1wMGxuR.jpg]
Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture your heart.

The color palette of those beautiful.

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