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I hope it changes soon also. It is such a viable medicine. For so many of the issues we face with autoimmunes, diseases, PTSD. It can help so much.

It would be wonderful timing to allow it now with so much tainted medicine out there destroying lives.

Of course, one must be so careful with this also. Crazy people whom want profit at any cost can lace these meds also, i imagine. sighs.
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I take CBD for a few different things, first being for my epilepsy.. really helps ease the tension I have in my muscles at times and since I’ve started taking it I havnt had one seizure! Hopefully that’s not a fluke deal and the cbd continues to keep doing its thing. I also take it for hypertension, works wonders regarding that as well. I’d say within two to three weeks the pain completely subdued

Also helps immensely with anxiety!
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CBD and THc have tremendous potential. I am a Chronic Leukemia patient and after dabbling (legally) in some low T and high CBD strains, my last blood work improved. This was with me falling out of remission and my white blood count rapidly increasing. This is purely antidotel and I need to see a trend over several lab results before I completely buy into MMJ. Studies have shown that T does kill Leukemia cells, so I do have some scientific reassurance. My next labs are in two months and will report the results.
No. MMJ is a sch 1 in the US. The federal rules Trump the state rules.

Whereas many of us believe it is a wonderous medicine for illness, as of now, its a sch one.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Great topic and something I have been curious about lately... . So is the consensus that CBD gives the therapeutic effects without the pyschotropic effects?

Gotta love getting old! Smile

edit: removed rec usage references from two of ur posts so far. but then again i have only read two of ur post for today. If i find more, u get THE WARNING.
I have been using CW - CBD for awhile now it helps for me
(04-30-2017, 01:40 PM)whatapain Wrote: Please follow all rules.. As of late CBD  with a quantity of less than 0.18 petcent psychoactive ingredient is legal in all states. I have been on leave conducting much research on the subjuct working on the stabalization of seizure meds for children and GI meds for Chrons...AGAIN YOU WILL BE JAILED FOR THE PURCHASE OF ANY OIL THAT CONTAINS HIGHER AMOUNTS THAN STATED. CANADA AND THE US NOW HAVE ELECTRONIC SNIFFERS THAT ARE VERY SOFISTICATED AND SENSITIVE. THE PACKAGE WILL BE SEIZED... UPS NOW USES THE SAME TECHNOLOGY.     Now regarding LEGAL cbd you have 2 receptors in the brain. cb1 and cb2. Medical CBD is made from hemp... The same plant used to make fibers. CBD is Not found in the hemp seeds only the leaves and stalk. smoking of this will not get you high.  We are only allowed to test on product supplied by the us   in the us. The quality is poor. thus we only have 3 true pharmicutical companies in the world doing true research. 2 in Canada and one in Isreal. There is overwhelmig recearch proving medical benefits.  If you ever obtain the product you must have the certificate of showing the minimal psycoactive amount. it must be labeled as not for use by anyone under 21 and it must contain a producers seal. Nothing else is legal.  This does not apply in some states but talk of that is banned.   I am posting this only to educate others on what is legal.   Be very careful what you see.... rules of law =less tha 0.18...not less than 21 .. company seal....... real product is not hemp oil... not made from seeds contains only vegetable oils as the base.... no melatonin.. rasberry etc...other research is being done but this is disallowed.... ...PLEASE DELETE THIS POST IF IT VIOLATES THE RULES IT IS FOR EDUCATION ONLY.. AND I DO NOT PROMOTE THE USE OF REC BUT FEEL THAT SOME MAY SUFFER HARM IF THEY ARE NOT INFORMED....
Well said
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Latest research update
CBD can be broken down into approx 126 components. Each component can be isolated and has been mapped to specific neuro-pathways in endo-cannabinoid system.
Cold isolation of CBx a-z- x-130a-z is very costly and price restrictive.
Much more research is needed. Trial studies remain underway in Is and SA

There is no mass production OTC version of cbd currently available that isolates individual "components" other than terpenase and cbd1 and 2 and CBN
Your label will show the percentage of CBx but they are all contained within the same "package"

Terpenase is, in short, what gives "the product" its smell.
When evaluating an "item", the best way to decide if the "item" is right for you, without in depth testing, is in how you react to the smell.
If you find the smell pungent then the product may not be for you.
Keep in mind that many garbage vendors know this and have added wonderful smelly junk to their product, better than Yankee candles, to offset their poor extraction results.

Still about 3 to 5 years out before main stream isolates may be available most likely through big name pharm due to costs.
^got any links to the endo-cannabinoid neuro-pathway mapping research?
I plan to start using CBD on Tuesday to treat anxiety as a healthier alternative to benzos. Will update soon with findings of this experiment! Hope anyone else who's tried it has found some relief.

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