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Doesn't work with me. 
I just have the side effects.

the positive for the others: NO PLACEBO for sure.
Please follow all rules.. As of late CBD with a quantity of less than 0.18 petcent psychoactive ingredient is legal in all states. I have been on leave conducting much research on the subjuct working on the stabalization of seizure meds for children and GI meds for Chrons...AGAIN YOU WILL BE JAILED FOR THE PURCHASE OF ANY OIL THAT CONTAINS HIGHER AMOUNTS THAN STATED. CANADA AND THE US NOW HAVE ELECTRONIC SNIFFERS THAT ARE VERY SOFISTICATED AND SENSITIVE. THE PACKAGE WILL BE SEIZED... UPS NOW USES THE SAME TECHNOLOGY. Now regarding LEGAL cbd you have 2 receptors in the brain. cb1 and cb2. Medical CBD is made from hemp... The same plant used to make fibers. CBD is Not found in the hemp seeds only the leaves and stalk. smoking of this will not get you high. We are only allowed to test on product supplied by the us in the us. The quality is poor. thus we only have 3 true pharmicutical companies in the world doing true research. 2 in Canada and one in Isreal. There is overwhelmig recearch proving medical benefits. If you ever obtain the product you must have the certificate of showing the minimal psycoactive amount. it must be labeled as not for use by anyone under 21 and it must contain a producers seal. Nothing else is legal. This does not apply in some states but talk of that is banned. I am posting this only to educate others on what is legal. Be very careful what you see.... rules of law =less tha 0.18...not less than 21 .. company seal....... real product is not hemp oil... not made from seeds contains only vegetable oils as the base.... no melatonin.. rasberry etc...other research is being done but this is disallowed.... ...PLEASE DELETE THIS POST IF IT VIOLATES THE RULES IT IS FOR EDUCATION ONLY.. AND I DO NOT PROMOTE THE USE OF REC BUT FEEL THAT SOME MAY SUFFER HARM IF THEY ARE NOT INFORMED....
And again some laws change and others don't
So much more information has been obtained in a short time. Boss is it ok to start a post regarding the legal oils proposed dosing, usage and type go tincture? along with the latest research.?
Its easy now to walk into a store and find anything that can say C bD on it, but there are no regulations. Most are 99 percent Hemp Seed Oil in any combinations of mixtures, from peppermint to melatonin.
Not sure if this would help anyone.
Conditions known to be effective upon
Opioid Withdrawal
Much more....
this is an old one, but if you get them from the netherlands, you should be fine. Cool

just Doesn't work with my metabolism.
And starting in my state in 2018 even thought it is both legal for medical a reccruational, each package must have the amount of the CBD ratio, THC ratio, CCDA ratio and THCA ratio and what if it s a tiniture, what I is mixed with and how much. And if an edible same thing. Ration of CBD, THC and the other ingredients.
(12-15-2015, 11:19 PM)skipper1 Wrote: Oh i apologize Charon , it's my understanding it's been legalized in all 50..It is available in any health food store in my state and several others i know of...I didn't mean to post anything off limit's..

Available in health food stores?  That would be GLORIOUS  in my state altho I think it may be sooner than later.
Recently passed a law that you just get fined for being found with certain amounts, not get arrested.  
Well it's a move in the right direction anyway I feel Cool
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I know quite a few people in Colorado and Florida (prescribed by physician) that use CBD Oil for various problems. The most interesting is Tinnitus (ear ringing). A friend said he hardly hears the ringing anymore. I believe it has value but you have to make sure it's a legit product.
non psychotropic cbd is now legal in all states to purchase.
you cannot purchase it across state borders, contrary to popular belief.
I do not advertise for anyone but there are some overseas vendors that will ship
I have been studying in Israel and South America
There are over 80 different strains of oils now
Each acts upon the EC system differently
Don't just think you can go down to the local shop and get something that is going to work
Very important CBD that restricts the EC system does not work for schizo, agression, ptsd, anxiety and the simmilar. It makes the symptoms worse and leads to aggression. We spent a longtime on this
That other kind, we cant talk about does reduce symptoms
Peds Seizures, I know a few watch this thread.
Imperative you know what is the cause of the seizures. That drug put out that started with E in phase 3 trials resulted in patient deaths.
Reason was the oil was not separated into correct forms.
The seizures were controlled, but the secondary substance affected other pathways.
Never use seed oils alone. Make sure it is an anti oxidant - ie Vitamin E they are suspended in.
Never trust flavors, especially anything with a red dye
CBD Oil is dark brown to black and taste like poop... I suppose
Sublingual is your best route, Vaporizers are being shown to cause secondary problems in the lung.
Currently working on Asthma ... Its a long road
Off the shelf, if your fairly normal, CBD is a great anti inflammatory
Dosage will vary, and tolerance will develop.
Start low, always buy the concentrated version
Much more is on the way
Cant talk about much of it due to the schedule. Funny in Israel and across the pond, it an every day thing.

Hope someone finds this helpful
(12-15-2015, 02:25 AM)Charon Wrote: just be careful with this topic, please.  its a sch 1 in my state.  and, in many others.

so, maybe types u can discuss. their beneficial effects.  but, i don't want to awaken to ten thousand CBD posts that i have to delete.

all of the above not withstanding, i believe CBD is a miracle that was given to us.  the plant it is made from.

NY copped out and did not legalize a damn thing really.  rat bastards.

because i think it would be enough to manage my pain.

firm believer.  but,  not a poster about this.  okie dokie?

btw, we have an area on medicinal mj.  here ya go:

Hi Charon, I was admittedly pretty naive when it came to schedules.  I just read about the different classifications, and I'm FLOORED that it's in the same group as her@in.  I personally have no need for it, but I have read that it's so helpful for people with chronic illness.  It makes me really sad that our government has classified it in such a way.  I hope it changes soon for all states.
I hope it changes soon also. It is such a viable medicine. For so many of the issues we face with autoimmunes, diseases, PTSD. It can help so much.

It would be wonderful timing to allow it now with so much tainted medicine out there destroying lives.

Of course, one must be so careful with this also. Crazy people whom want profit at any cost can lace these meds also, i imagine. sighs.
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