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check out pre-98 bubba kush. my favorite high cbd strain.
No, it is not 100% legal in all states.

Did u read page one of this thread before ur rush to 16 Posts in a couple Hours?

Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Propjoe, regardless of what that law may say, the current administration pays little attention to law and has shown its hostility toward medical pot in any form. Its in a gray area right now, I have not heard of it being prosecuted but that is just because they are too busy harassing sick people, lying to the public and so on. They will get to it in time.
I must make a comment here about CBD salve. It is NOT LEGAL anywhere in the states except in a state that legalizes MOM, or medical MOM. Agree with Charon.
Not legal? Damn. Site I saw said it was legal in all states.
Wanted to try it, saw reviews that it provides pain, anxiety, sleep relief. Even better than v@lium.

Ok so CBD from hemp oil is legal apparently.
From MM plants illegal.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
Just search CBD hemp oil. Reviews I read were stellar. I found a site with a wide range of affordable products.
five state are voting on recreational MMJ at election time. trump just stated he will legalize it. not that i trust a word from any politicians mouth.

Turns out in NY, as my houseshare now has Lupus also, he inquired from the MMJ clinic. the doctor whom runs it said: well, i cannot prescribe it for lupus or Ms. I can prescribe it for symptoms thereof. Such as pain, nausea, inability to eat.

But, she stated, medicaid nor medicare will pay for treatment. Doctor stated she has seen patients with lupus go into permanent remission after three months of usage. She has also lost a few patients with lupus as they thereafter refused to use the stupid malaria meds or chemotherapy they want to put lupus patients on.

However, neither medicaid nor medicare will allow payment for treatment with MMJ. the oils. It will cost 8000$ in NY for three months worth of oil.

lord have mercy. the gvt very thoroughly goes thru one's assets and one cannot have 8000$ hanging around and still get full disability and or use medicaid.

so, i am still so disappointed in NY. compassionate care, my arse.

Maybe if we got treated for free for an otherwise death sentence disease if our government were truly compassionate.

However, Hillary has her scandal with emails resurging. Trump is trying a last minute: i shall make MMJ legal in all states, will work.

Because, I am not sure pure hemp works. Not sure. But I know rick simpson oil, does work.

My houseshare may know more as he has researched this since he also was diagnosed with lupus.

We have one medicine out there that will help us. Let us live. Only problem is, none of us whom are sick, or majority of us with long time lupus, do not have the funds for this treatment.

We are the useless eaters our gvt so hates.

Lets get more info on reliability of CBD for the states it is legal.

I got a mess of spam mails about legal CBD in last few weeks.

Its tempting, but i suspect it wont work. The real oil does work. It is just illegal in most areas. Sch 1. And, now, NY says, well ok, but u poor people on disability or medicaid with lupus won't be able to pay for same.

What is wrong with this picture?
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Excuse my ignorance, but what are the cbd oils sold on Amazon used for? Thank you, in advance, Rumor
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they are claiming to be the medicinal version.

however, its my understanding that they are made from the seeds of the plant only. and really contain fairly nothing beneficial. from what i hear, the hemp seed contain neither CBD nor thc.

i mean amazon sells them. as the real deal. with ads such as how amazing MMJ has been proven to help people with seizures, autoimmunes, pain.

well it has proven to be very beneficial. but probably not if made from only hemp seeds.

My friend suggested that the gvt wont stop them, as he feels if people are dumb enough to fall for it, they deserve to lose their money.

Please, those with wisdom on this, i shall leave this subject to ur wisdom.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
charon thanks for a bit of clarity on this topic. i had done some research off and on for awhile and think i was a bit mislead in some things i have read. the amount of cbd in many of these products is a pretty small amount per dosage , too small to have the medicinal affects that they sometimes have. i mean , even rs oil, they take quite a bit of that to get there effects, and god bless that group they saw how much money could be involved in that so they did it for free. which also helps there cause by keeping out the greed and also unfortunately has got them in trouble a few times. i did not know that the cb stuff was from the seeds so that really makes me doubt many of those. its like... technically thats what it is but really doesn't do what other cb does. just cashing in on the words basically. so yes cbd is beneficial as reported by many, and yes these products have cbd. but the source and amount is nowhere near the same as those reported.
thanks for info on this topic i have to do my research again.
Awesome info Charon.
There is legal CBD oil. It comes from hemp plants with no b@ds. I hope it's not from the hemp seeds, but Charon knows all.
If the oil comes from regular MJ plants it's illegal.
The legal CBD lacks the active ingredient in MJ, or has negligible amounts. It's inexpensive and again reviews are great, I forget the site I saw. They had blue and golden oil. Site name started with 3 h's.
Also saw a show on CBD from hemp and people swear by it for numerous ailments.
Hopefully more to come on this.

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