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Question for our UK Friends
I've quite recently been prescribed tramadol on the NHS. However, it required an acute injury. I've also managed to get my GP to switch out some of my codeine doses for tramadol since the former makes me sleepy. I think I've lucked out with this GP - but he's away for a while, so I'm rather worried about whether they will repeat the prescriptions in his absence.

I love the NHS in principle, but they've become so cautious. I commonly see people with severe anxiety or panic attacks being given 2mg diazepam which is virtually homoeopathic.
In my experience getting benzos from UK on script is a 1 in a million odds these days  there seems to be legislation blocking them at every turn, my brother in law got some diazipam for fear of flying not sure how many though if you've any missuse or addiction history forget it ! It seems like the only people who get them are alcoholics or been on them forever, addiction clinics won't even discuss a short term in order to reduce methadone backed up with endless clear tests for all other meds so I don't fancy your chances but you may get lucky and proove me wrong I hope you do I think fear of flying is surely your best shot best of luck.
"The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself"
(02-05-2017, 03:56 PM)bothereddog Wrote: I think fear of flying is surely your best shot best of luck.

Agreed. We know doctors are risk averse when it comes to prescribing, but they don't really want to be the doctor responsible for someone having a massive panic attack on a plane (worst case: mistaken for a heart attack, causing emergency landing). I suspect the other aspect that satisfies them is that it is a specific event, and not on-going. I had a GP prescribe temazepam for this reason and it was quite useful for bouncing me into the correct time-zone (it was a work thing, not holiday).
Dont try my dr for benzos you got no chance,was in the surgery few weeks ago,someone who was there got prescribed one zopi tablet to help sleep,one!!

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